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4 Billion Dollars Steal From The Funds Of Government

4 Billion Dollars Steal From The Funds Of Government

4 Billion Dollars Robbery From The Fund Of Malaysian Government. The fund of 4 Billion relates to government and this robbery held from the account of Government. By the prosecutor of Malaysia said in their statement that approximately 4 Billion Dollars has stolen from the fund of Malaysia.

4 Billion Dollars Steal From The Funds Of Government

This fund establishes to develop social and economic reforms. The fund established in 2009 with the name of 1 MDB (Malaysian Development Berhad). Previous year due to the loan of 11 Billion dollars to this fund, Swiss authorities start an investigation. The Attorney General of Switzerland told on last Friday, that the companies of Malaysia use this fund wrongly.

An officer Michel Libre said in their statement that some part of fund transfer to former officers of Malaysia and some transfer in Swiss accounts of UAE. According to Attorney General, still, Malaysian companies have not told about their loss and no conversation held on this topic. Libre from Authorities of Malaysia in Switzerland said to cooperate in the investigation.

Keep in mind in the previous year Swiss inquiry also established against Malaysian authorities; due to the wrong usage of the 1MDB fund. Here Malaysia and 1MDB fund authorities did not give remarks about blaming of robbery.

According to notifications, 1MDB fund investigation also starts in America and Hong Kong. Prime Minister Najeeb Razaq established this fund in 2009 when who take over the seat. Former year in July, Malaysian previous Attorney-General Abdul Ghani Patel told; that the account of Najeeb Razaq is connected with the fund whose amount is 68 Crore dollars. And the connectivity of Najeeb Razaq accounts with different companies and organizations.

When Patel give a statement against Najeeb Razaq he removed from their seat and according to this matter, his successor said that on Tuesday, the money which is related to 1DMB is funding in Saudi currency, some part of this fund returned. Najeeb Razaq out from corruption scandal.

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