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5 Day Fast Weight Loss – High-Protein Diet Plan & Promote Health

5 Day Fast Weight Loss - High-Protein Diet Plan & Promote Health

A 5 day fast weight loss high protein diet plan to lose weight and promote health: Protein is one of the main food groups, along with fat and carbohydrate, which we must consume to remain healthy.

Protein is not utilized for energy production unless it is under dire needs. This is why it does not get stored as fat tissue when consumed in excess and is therefore great for maintaining weight.

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If you want 5 day fast weight loss, on the other hand, all you have to do is eat good amounts of protein, work out every day and take regular massages in a recliner (To remain chill, of course). We will be covering the kinds of proteins you need to take so that you do not compromise your health by taking in too much:

5 Day Fast Weight Loss – High-Protein Diet Plan & Promote Health

Let’s read the 5 day fast weight loss the high protein diet plan and promote health steps:

Animal and Plant Protein

There are two types of protein we can eat: Animal protein and plant protein. Animal protein includes the type we get in lean meats, fish and other seafood. Plant protein can find in pulses, legumes, and green, leafy vegetables like spinach.

For human beings, animal protein is a lot more essential than plant protein. This is because plant protein lacks many essential amino acids. Amino acids are used by our body for growth and repair purposes. Some amino acids can be manufactured by our body but there are many others that we need to take in as food.

Even so, taking animal protein in great amounts can actually prove to be dangerous since they can cause liver and kidney problems when metabolized in excess. This is why it is best to consume animal protein and plant protein in conjunction with each other.

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Foods You Should Eat Regularly For 5 Day Fast Weight Loss

Here is a list of proteins you can take for each meal. Remember to not exceed the daily recommended protein intake which is about 56 grams for an average person with a sedentary lifestyle.

All values given are per 100 grams of serving.

1| Breakfast

Proteins shake (3.9 g)

Eggs (13 g)

Cottage Cheese (11 g)

Any nut butter on whole grain toast (20-25 g)

2| Lunch and Dinner:

Salmon (25 g)

Chicken Breast (30 g)

Lean Cuts of Steak (25 g)

Quinoa (13 g)

Brown Rice (7.6 g)

Shrimp (24 g)

Spinach (3 g)

Tofu (8 g)

Beans (6 g)

Lentils (9 g)

Broccoli (2.8 g)

3| Snacks:

Almonds (21 g)

Pecans (9 g)

Walnuts (15 g)

Apples (0.3 g)

Banana (1 g)

At the end, you have read the 5 day fast weight loss diet program. If you follow then you will get a big change in a short period. However, if you get a good change then don’t forget to share this article on Facebook. Best of luck!

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