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5 Years Old Boy Call To Police To Tell About Parents Murder

A 5 Years Old Boy Call To Police

5 Years Old Boy Parents Dead And He Calls To Police. A small body who is not mature call to police and told about the murder of their parents. A boy of Chattanooga named Tenn, whose age is 5 years. On Sunday, they make a call to police and told him that my father and my Mom has dead. The boy told about to address to a police officer after that police came and found the bodies of George Dillard whose age was 24 and his Mom Lakita Hicks whose age was 25 in the dead position. The boy whose was so young. According to News Channel 9, the child is unnamed and their relation with this family was so longer.

The boy converse with dispatcher more than 1 minute. When confirmed about the parents of the child they replied they have dead. Child’s father is a leader of the gang, till no information got about this murder that’s murder is related with gang murder or other. This is secret still, this report concern with Times Free Press. Chief whose name is Fred Fletcher, Police officer of Chattanooga reports to News Channel 9, we are fully trying to those people who made this worse and violent work and we assure to those people who affect by this. You may also like 4 Billion Dollars Steal From The Funds Of Government

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