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Fix 500 Internal Server Error In 20 Minutes

Here you will able to read about fix 500 internal server error WordPress. Often the error occurs due to dispute in the root directory or host’s server. However, this is a frustrating error in WordPress which faced by the user. But the solution of this error is simple and easy. After troubleshooting, you can rid of 500 internal server error. Let’s see how to fix internal server error 500 WordPress?

Fix 500 Internal Server Error CPanel

Now just see the method to fix 500 internal server error CPanel.

Backup Your Site (Using FTP)

First of all take backup of your site. You can take backup using CPanel and FTP. But I will suggest Cpanel because beginner gets confused while using FTP. However, if you want to know the method for getting backup using FTP then see here below:

  • Download FileZilla Client this is a free software so no need to pay or register.

Download FileZilla

  • After downloading just put site’s info which you use for login Cpanel.

Filezilla interface

Host » Domain Name/ IP Address of the server

Port » Leave Blank

Username » Cpanel Username

Password » Cpanel Password

  • After login search for public_html folder and open it.

FileZilla public html folder

  • Select all files and Download.

Download all files

Take Backup Using Cpanel

  • First login CPanel.
  • Search for File Manager. (Don’t forget to check the box for showing hidden files)

File Manager CPanel

  • Select all files and compress it.

Download all files using CPanel

  • After it, download it to your PC.

This was the method for taking backup of your root directory.

Next Solutions To Fix 500 Internal Server Error

You can fix 500 internal server error by increasing PHP memory limit or creating .htaccess file. When you install low-level plugins then you face the 500 internal server error. So better to check active installs and update period of a plugin before installation. Because low-level coding makes panic for you.

.htaccess File Creation Method

  • Login to CPanel account.
  • Locate File Manager and open it.

File Manager CPanel

  • You can rename your old .htaccess file to .htaccess_bak.

.htaccess file rename

The first method is to create a .htaccess file is login to WP admin dashboard. After it, Setting » Permalink. Now no need to make changes just save the setting. Now when you will access CPanel account new file will find here.

404 Not Found

But if you don’t get then create manually by the below method:

  • Create a new file with the name of .htaccess.

Create New File in File Manager

Now check your site if you get rid of 500 internal server error. If you get rid of this issue then well otherwise increase PHP memory limit.

Increase Memory Limit Using PHP.ini or wp-config File

  • Login to CPanel.
  • Open File Manager. (Don’t forget to check the box to show hidden files)

File Manager CPanel

  • Here you will reach public_html folder. Search here php.ini file. If you don’t have then create a new file with the name of php.ini.
  • Now place the below code in this file
max_execution_time = 30
max_input_time = 120
memory_limit = 256M

Increase Memory Limit Using wp-config File

  • Login to CPanel.
  • Open File Manager (Check the box to show hidden files)

File Manager CPanel

  • Now search for the wp-config file and place the below code.
define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

Place code in wp-config file

Deactivating Plugins

Now deactivating plugins by accessing CPanel or FTP.

First, see the method using FTP.

  • Login using FileZilla.

Filezilla interface

  • Now open publich_html

FileZilla public html folder

  • Open wp-content folder.

FileZilla wp-content folder

  • And rename plugins folder to plugin_test.

Rename plugins folder

The second method to accessing plugin folder using CPanel.

  • Login CPanel.
  • Open File Manager.

File Manager CPanel

  • Now the turn to pen wp-content folder.

WP Content Folder Through CPanel

  • Now rename plugins folder to plugins_test.

Rename plugins folder

Check your website is it working? If yes then you are facing this issue due to a plugin. Lastly, login your wp-admin dashboard and activate plugin one by one. When you face again 500 internal server error by activating the plugin. Then find the alternate of this plugin and install this instead of this.

Troubleshoot by Debugging

  • Login to CPanel.
  • Open File Manager.

File Manager CPanel

  • Now open wp-config file and trace.
Define ('WP_DEBUG_LOG', false);

After it changes false into true like shown below. When you access your WP admin dashboard you will get list of errors. Now deactivating plugin one by one when errors disappear then remove the plugin which is causing of this.

Define ('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

Deactivating Plugins

File Permissions

You can do file permissions as shown below:

Change File Permissions

Uploading wp-admin and wp-includes folder

Another solution is to uploading wp-admin and wp-includes folder. Just download fresh WordPress and upload wp-admin and wp-includes folders to your root directory. Don’t forget to remove old wp-admin and wp-includes folder from the root directory. You can upload using FTP because this is a simple and fast method.

Upload fresh wp-admin and wp-includes

  • Just login to your account.

Filezilla interface

  • Open public_html folder.FileZilla public html folder
  • Now drag here both folders.


Contact with Host

If you have failed to get rid of 500 internal server error then contact the host. Some hosting companies are supportive so you can contact him.


The 500 internal server error is really a panic. But you can get rid of this error by some simple steps. After getting fix don’t install those plugins which are not updated from a long time. First, check active installs. However, you can read here a tutorial about it Update WordPress Theme Without Losing ContentHowever, if you like the struggle “500 internal server error” then follow us on Twitter.

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