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A Long Fish Recovered By Mumbai Coast

40 Feet Dead Fish Recovered From The Cost Of Mumbai: A fish which is known by Whalefish is recovered in the dead condition from the coast of Mumbai. A dead Whalefish recovered in dead condition from Revas in Raigad which is located in Maharashtra district.

The department of India’s which known as Forest department said in their statement, that the Whalefish caught little depth in water and due to this they died. After that, this fish recovered in dead condition from the coast of Mumbai.

When a fish recovered many peoples gathered and captured the pictures of Whalefish. Before this tragedy, a fish recovered from the Uran coast some months ago. And now this Whalefish recovered from Mumbai coast. This Whalefish relates with female and it is a very big fish. Don’t forget to read How To Start Your Own Website Free?

On Wednesday morning, Forest department try to move him but they did not succeed, after that Machinery call and with the help of machinery the 20 ton’s fish moved on Thursday. This is a very big fish of this century according to India’s. This fish is very big and his weight is 20 ton’s which is recovered by the coast of Mumbai. Thanks for your kind visit. Woman Of United Kingdom Connected With Extremist Organisation.

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