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Access Function.php File In Just 2 Minutes

WordPress offer modification in the theme’s file. But it’s possible when you know how to access function.php? Because after accessing this file you can change the look of your theme. Like that you can add features image in your RSS feeds etc. By the way, every theme contains function.php file. So for making changes in the theme you need to add a specific code. However, if you want to read about What about this file? Now today here you will read how to access function.php file of WordPress?

Access function.php With Video and Screenshots

Access function.php via FileZilla

First, see how to access function.php using FileZilla with the help of screenshots.

  • For this purpose, you need to login your FileZilla account

Filezilla interface

  • After logging in now click on public HTML folder

Access function.php


  • When you logged in here you will find some folders. Now just open it like the told method. First, click on wp-content folder » themes folder » current theme folder (click and open it). Here you will find function.php file.

Access function.php

  • Now the next turn is theme folder opening

Access function.php

  • If you have more than one theme then first check your activated theme. You can see your current theme by access to your WordPress dashboard » Appearance » Themes. After knowing just search out here function.php file by scrolling.

Access function.php

That’s the method to find out WordPress function.php location. Now see how you can access function php example via CPanel.

WordPress function.php Location Access Using CPanel

Now in this section you will see the WordPress function.php location access using CPanel.

  • First login CPanel

CPanel Login

  • After that just open file manager

File Manager CPanel

  • Now check if you are in public HTML folder or not. If not then open this folder like the below method

Public HTML folder

  • Here wp-content folder will show. Just open this folder

WP Content Folder Through CPanel

  • After it open themes folder

Themes Folder

  • Open your current theme. If you don’t know about your current theme. Then scroll up and see in the FileZilla section. In which, you will find the answer. After opening the folder of your current theme. Just search out here function.php file

Function.php (Display Post Update Date)

Access function.php via WordPress Dashboard

Furthermore about function.php just see how to access using WordPress dashboard?

  • Access to your WordPress dashboard » Appearance » Editor
  • Here you will get file’s list on your left side
  • Just search out the file function.php

Access function.php

In that article, you read about access function.php via FileZilla, CPanel and WordPress dashboard. In the case of any difficulty just submit your query to use using the comment section. At the end, if you want to get helpful by the given article. Then just click on the link and know the answer to your question.

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