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The A – Z Guide Of Add Google AdSense To Website

If you want to earn from the internet then read tutorial how to add Google AdSense to website? After creation of a website, many efforts needs to earn from this. So now I will tell you how to add ads to a website. While placing ads of AdSense to Website keep in mind Google AdSense policies. Because due to little mistake you can ban your account.

Often when your AdSense account have a low amount and you have placed more than 3 ads or not follow rules. Then AdSense will not take action against your site. But when you have a big amount in your AdSense account. Then AdSense will take action and ban your account. Your all earning also waste because this is also a policy of AdSense. In which they have rights to ban AdSense account any time without permission. So don’t forget to follow the given rules of Google AdSense. Now just see how to add ads to website.

Add Google AdSense To Website

Furthermore, see how to add ads to a website. For this purpose, you need to login Google AdSense account.

  • Login to your account.
  • Now click on My Ads » Ad Units

My Ads

  • Here you will get New Ad Unit, just click on this button.

New Ad Unit

  • Lastly, create add by placing name and choosing ad style.

Note: Keep in mind select recommended sizes. Because the earning of these ads are better from others.

Ad Type

While creating an ad, use background color, and the ad background color same. Don’t make a change in other options. However, after creating an ad you can preview it:

Ad Preview

  • Here you will get a code of the ad, just copy asynchronous code type.

Copy the ad code

You have completed the first step of how to add ads to a website. Now just see how to use via a plugin. Why am I talking about the plugin to add Google AdSense to Website? Because without plugin it’s impossible. The best position for ads placement is below the menu bar, in the middle area of the content and the sidebar.

Second Option-

However, if you don’t feel a change in maximizing the revenue then you can add Google AdSense ad at the start of the article, middle of the article and in the sidebar.

Which is The Best Plugin to Add Google AdSense To Website?

Lastly, the question arise which is the best plugin to add Google AdSense to the website? I will suggest using the plugin which is regularly updating because this is beneficial for your site. After a depth searched I got Ads Inserter. Because this is the best channel for beginners. Let’s see to add Google AdSense ads to website with the help of Ads Inserter plugin.

First, log in to the WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins » Add New. Search for Ads Inserter, install and activate this.

After installation click on Settings » Ad Inserter.

Copy code from the Google AdSense account and place in the first block.

Place code in Block 1

Now click on 2 and place code here to show the second ad.


Furthermore, click on Appearance » Widgets. Add copied code from Google AdSense account in Text & HTML widget.

Lastly, you have read how to add Google AdSense to website for earning. I have told to maximize your revenue method. If you have other than an idea then share your idea in the comment section.

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