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Find A Quick Way To Allow IP Address Firewall

Due to security reasons, some hosting providers has not allow IP address from Firewall. So here we will allow IP address firewall or White List IP. Because if you want to access the server through SSH then you must need to allow IP address firewall or White List IP.

Allow IP Address To The Firewall

Now just read how to White List IP or add IP address to the firewall?

  • First, you need to know about your IP address for white list IP address or add IP address firewall.
  • Now login to your WHM account. Furthermore, WHM is an acronym of Web Host Manager.
  • Here you can search “Add IP to Firewall” link from the left menu. You can find this by pressing CTRL+F.
  • Lastly, enter your IP address which you want to White List. However, you can add IP address by pressing “Allow Rule”.

Keep in mind: You don’t have access to view IP address through WHM panel. If you want to view then use nano. (Read here: Edit Files Using Nano)

Note: If your IP address change after some minutes then you can use IP address range. However, I cannot tell you your IP address range but your Internet Service Provider can tell you. So contact your ISP. By the way, you need to use CIDR formatting while the addition of IP addresses range. So see CIDR formatting and IP to CIDR converter for this purpose.

You have read about how to allow IP address firewall or White List IP. If you face any difficulty to allow IP address Firewall or White List IP. Then leave a comment using the comment section. Lastly, I hope the below supporting articles can improve your knowledge. So don’t forget to read these and share your comments about these.

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