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Ankara Wants To Take Over Pak Turk Foundation

Ankara Wants To Take Over Pak Turk Foundation

Ankara Wants To Take Over Pak Turk Foundation. Pakistan wants to hand over all schools & Colleges of Pak Turk Foundation which are going on under the supervision of Fatehullah Gulen to Turkish Government. The issue also discussed between Sartaj Aziz and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

Cavusoglu also meet with President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef. This was the first visit of Turkish Foreign Minister to Pakistan after the failed rebel. The President of Turkey blamed on Gulen. He said Gulen is running these schools and he is on the back of this rebel.

The guest of Turkey said Gulen is a danger for the Pakistan so close these institutes and the Pakistani President said we will cooperate in this matter. He met with Pakistani President on dated 02/08/2016. The Turkish foreign minister said we also support this foundation in past but we have no idea Feto is going on this foundation in a wrong sense. He has a bad agenda on the back of this foundation.

A news published by a Dawn News: Staff of schools told to leave Pakistan by 20th

Need Of Parents For Their Children’s About Pak Turk Foundation?

Parent of Pak Turk Foundation wants to secure their children’s. Nowadays if all schools will close the future of students will also bury in a deep grave. So Pakistan doesn’t want to close these schools. By the way, Pakistan decides to hand over the Pak Turk  Foundation to Turkish Government.

All parents are so disturbed due to this issue because they have no chance for better education in Pakistan. Pak Turk is starting to dispute with Pakistani government because this is a big loss of student’s future. Parents are worried because some students promote from 1st Year to 2nd Year now what they will do?

If they will quit no school will accept their admission in 2nd Year. Now all parents are requesting to Government please don’t close these schools or colleges. And the current administration of Pak Turk tries to secure the future of thousands of students.

Now the question is that Is the future of Pak Turk Foundation’s students is safe or not? This is a very big question which worries all parents and students. Imran Khan also raises their comment in which he said don’t close these schools because this will destroy student’s future.

Fatehullah In His Home
Fatehullah In His Home

Fatehullah Gulen Role In The World And What He Want?

Basically, Gulen is a scholar and he is living in Pennsylvania. His foundation called Hizmat. Turkish government raises their comment in media in which they said in these institutes students train against Turkey. And the PakTurk foundation said we have no relation with Gulen, we are a victim of politics. Why tied us with this issue? We do not agree to close this foundation because we are giving education to poor people also and the aim of our education is prosperity.

We want to grow prosperity around the world. Gulen wants to share Islam’s message and the education of Quran Pak around the world. Therefore he starts schools and colleges in more than 200 countries. But after rebel, the President of Turkey blamed Fatehullah Gullen is back on that rebel.

The members of this Hizmat is doing their duties on major seats like directors and Principals. PakTurk has a very big setup in Pakistan. The destruction of PakTurk foundation will be a very big loss for continuing students. Student’s parents also raise their demand in which say don’t close these schools and colleges because thousand’s students belong to this foundation and more than 1500 people depend on this institute, they are earning from this institute. You may also like Turkish Government Take Over All Pak Turk Schools From Pakistan

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