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World's Best Anti Spam Plugin WordPress

World’s Best Anti Spam Plugin WordPress: Online work has provided us a comfort corner and one can work for a particular person or company from thousand miles far away. The Internet has provided us great opportunities no doubt, but there is always a loophole present from the aspect of security.

No matter if you are your own boss or working as an employee for any company, there are always chances of getting spammed. If you are thinking about the scale of spamming activities, be sure it is huge enough.

Furthermore, tons of spamming contents are floating continuously over the internet and surely you don’t want to get attack by anyone of them. Right? Always make effort to keep a strong security check in your pouch.

Keep hard working to achieve expected success but don’t let anybody to ruin all your dedications. When you will make a strong online presence having a huge number of visitors, the chances also increase of getting any serious security threat. But don’t wait to get noticed by the spammers, add a great anti spam plugin WordPress to your site as soon as possible.

Additionally, here in this post, we will discuss the few anti spam plugin WordPress. However, there is a huge community of bloggers who spend hours to make their blog effective and useful. You may be one of them.

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Furthermore, if you are running a blog make sure to provide it a strong security backup. But how it can be possible, you ask?

There are multiple tools and plugins available which able to protect your WordPress site form getting spamming. Why this post is dedicated to WordPress plugins, the answer is very simple: WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) among the bloggers around the globe.

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Thus a WordPress site has higher chances of getting spammed. We have featured world’s best anti spam plugin WordPress in this post and almost all of them are used by the professionals. It’s time to uncover the post, let’s dig it.

World’s Best Anti Spam Plugin WordPress

1| Akismet


Akismet is the most popular anti-spam plugin WordPress developed by the team Automattic. With more than 3 million+ active users around the globe, it provides a shield against spam comments.

Akismet is one of the best core parts of WordPress which you will get just after the WordPress installation. The top recommended antispam plugin WordPress by the professionals. This WordPress plugin will work great no matter whether you are running a personal, commercial or business site.

Akismet’s spam filtering mechanism is simple enough. Akismet automatically trashes those comments which do not fit into its filtering algorithm. Akismet is capable enough in filtering correct and spam comments.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Features

Let’s have a quick look on Akismet comments filtering mechanism:

  1. Akismet plugin checks each and every comment and automatically filters spam figured comments.
  2. The Akismet also provides a status history of all comments, thus you can easily figure out the number of comments cleared or caught by this plugin. It also provides enough details of those comments filtered manually by the moderator.
  3. You can easily see approved comments.
  4. Akismet developed brilliantly to reveal misleading or hidden links of any comment body.
  5. Furthermore, anti spam plugin WordPress comes with a discard feature. Moreover, mainly this feature developed to block worst spam comments immediately. This feature automatically saves your disk’s space and reduces the loading time of your site.
  6. Akismet is absolutely free for up-to 50,000 spam filter/month. For a personal blog, it is just awesome.

Check This: After installation, you have to grab an API key to use Akismet for your site. If you are running a personal blog you can get that API key for free. For commercial and business sites, you have to pay for the premium version.

2| Anti Splog

Anti Splog

Anti-Splog: If you have enabled user registration on your site, this plugin checks all the registrations and block spam content. Thus whenever any user throws any spammy content, it detects and blocks it automatically.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Features

This antispam plugin comes with 5 layers of protection.

  1. Sign up Prevention – This plugin developed to limit spam signups per IP for 24 hrs.
  2. Page Location – It works very effectively to protect your site from spammy contents by automatically moving your signup-php file continuously every 24 hrs.
  3. Blacklist IPs – It automatically stops those users to create site forms that tried to create spam before and block their IP address.
  4. AntiSpam API – Additionally, if this plugin detects any suspicious activity from the user, it automatically sends the signup information to the API server.
  5. Human Tests – This anti spam plugin WordPress comes with three-layer signup protections. It provides reCAPTCHA and user-defined questions too.

3| Anti Spam Bee

Anti Spam Bee

Furthermore, your site’s blog commenting form can be an easy destination for spammers to attack. You can use Akismet anti spam plugin WordPress to prevent your site from suspicious activities. Another popular anti spam plugin WordPress mentioned here.

AntiSpam Bee is one of the top plugin used by 200,000+ active users around this blue planet. Filtering comments manually is a time killing job and it’s almost impossible to reveal hidden links from the comments manually.

Let your work done effectively by AntiSpam Bee. It developed to check each and every comment submitted to your blog and filter spam comments. AntiSpam Bee is also capable in finding previous spammers by watching over the IP addresses of the commenters.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Features

Below here a short preview of its features:

  1. First of all, it trusts only approved commenters and commenters having Gravatar.
  2. Secondly, filter comments in the aspect of language, location, and coding.
  3. Treats all BBCodes as spam and establishes regular IP address validation of all commenters.
  4. Regularly checks the spam database and search for previously marked spam commenters.
  5. You will get notifications about incoming spam via e-mails.
  6. Provide a dashboard with displaying all spam statistics. Keep updated with spam detection ratio and quantity of blocked spam comments daily.

4| Spamshield


The Spamshield anti pamShield anti spam plugin WordPress is an exceptionally powerful plugin to fight with all kind of spam content. This powerful anti spam plugin WordPress is developed to eliminate comment spam, registration spam, pingback spam, contact-form spam, trackback spam including any other kind of spam.

The origination of almost every spam content is from Bots. Few of those spammy figures are thrown by the humans too. This anti spam plugin WordPress basically functions as a Firewall against spammy contents no matter whether it is human or bots oriented.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Features

This anti spam plugin WordPress comes with the dual layer of protection.

  1. JavaScript Layer – The JavaScript layer developed to protect your site from all automated spam. This layer of protection is capable of preventing spam through the JavaScript or Cookies level.
  2. Algorithmic Layer – This anti spam plugin WordPress layer is built with more than 100 multi-advanced filters. This layer is capable of eliminating most of the both human and bots oriented spam. This anti spam plugin WordPress does all its work without obstructing the commenting, track backing and registering process.
Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Additional Features
  1. It provides protection for almost each and every registration form including Contact Form, BuddyPress, Gravity Forms, Mailchimp Forms etc.
  2. It is one of the few anti spam plugin WordPress which works with Jetpack.
  3. Provide a dashboard and full data of prevention activities.
  4. It comes with the great compatibility of multiple languages including Dutch, German, Indonesian, Italian etc.
  5. Comes with ease of access and installation.
  6. It could be used on multiple WordPress sites easily.
  7. It also comes with an extraordinary Whitelist option. This option developed for bypassing users from the antispam filters manually.

5| Wang Guard

Wang Guard

WangGuard is another masterpiece anti spam plugin WordPress for their users. This anti spam plugin WordPress is free for personal blogs unless your blog has more than 5,000 registrations daily or you are making more than $200 every month.

WangGuard developed to provide protection to your site’s registration page against spammers. It also provides prevention from un-trusted and unwanted users. Clearly, it is not built to provide protection against comment spammers.

WangGuard is compatible with standard WordPress, Buddy Press, WordPress Multisite or bbPress. WangGuard may not work if you are running a site using customized registration page.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Core Features

  1. WangGuard developed to clean your entire database from spammers, plagiarists, and untrusted users.
  2. Cleaning database is necessary otherwise spammers and untrusted users could hack your site.
  3. Spammers and unwanted users may use the server resources of yours for their own benefit. WangGuard makes it possible not to allow spammers to use your database and affect your site.
  4. It provides API keys if you want to use it on your personal blog.
  5. Provide security questions, HTML validation, Sign up Moderation, Language Translation, WooCommerce integration, Antispam Web Service.

6| Clean Talk

Clean Talk

The CleanTalk anti spam plugin WordPress is one of the top plugins which comes with premium cloud service. CleanTalk antispam provides 99.9% protection against spambots.

With this anti spam plugin WordPress, you can save your time and resources in fighting against spammers. You don’t have to worry about the unwanted spammy activities; you can focus on improving skills and productivity.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Core Features

  1. Provides basic antispam protection against spam comments.
  2. Comes with various filters to avoid spammy activities. It provides great protection on registration forms including standard WordPress, bbPress, S2Member, BuddyPress, ProfileBuilder, WooCommerce etc.
  3. It developed brilliantly to filter all spam emails in the AJAX forms.
  4. You can set country-specific bans.
  5. You can blacklist those IPs and email addresses which had done some spammy activities previously.

7| Wp Bruiser

Wp Bruiser

WPBruiser anti spam plugin WordPress developed to eliminate spam comments, spam signups or even brutal spambot attacks. WPBruiser functions really different from other anti-spam plugin WordPress.

Other anti spam plugin WordPress checks for suspicious activities after the spammy content submission. On the other hand, WPBruiser prevents spam bots from submitting any type of spammy content firstly.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Core Features

Below here a short preview of its features:

  1. It comes with standard WordPress antispam prevention integrating all of the WordPress logins, Registering, Commenting and Forgot Password features.
  2. It developed to block IP addresses having any suspicious activity.
  3. WPBruiser provides enough data and stats including reports, charts, and maps with all suspicious spam attempts.
  4. WPBruiser anti spam plugin WordPress developed with the compatibility of the multisite user interface.
  5. And the best thing, it doesn’t affect your site’s page loading time.

8| WordPress Zero Spam

WordPress Zero Spam

WordPress Zero Spam another great anti spam plugin WordPress to protect WordPress powered websites and prevent any suspicious activity. This WP plugin developed brilliantly to provide an easy interface and access.

WordPress Zero-Spam is ready to install and go plugin. Just install it, activate and explore a truly spam free website or blog. This anti spam plugin WordPress automatically blocks registration and comments spam without any required additional features.

This excellent anti spam plugin WordPress developed by David Walsh and his team.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Core Features

Major features of Zero Spam antispam plugin are listed below:

  1. It is compatible with Contact Form, Gravity Form, BuddyPress, Ninja Forms, and WPForms.
  2. Zero-Spam is capable of eliminating 99.9% of suspicious spam comments and plugins.
  3. Keep bots spam away at the JavaScript layer.
  4. This plugin can be used to multisite.
  5. Zero-Spam anti spam plugin WordPress comes with an advanced setting to provide complete control over all spam activities.

9| Captcha Bank

Captcha Bank

Captcha Bank makes your site’s captcha more powerful. The Captcha Bank anti spam plugin WordPress makes the site safe by providing you strong shield against any suspicious activity.

Captcha Bank is a powerful captcha validator. This anti spam plugin WordPress keeps both human and bots spammers away from your site. Thus after adding this plugin to your site, you will get rid of unnecessary and untrusted submissions.

The Captcha Bank plugin is a multi-feature plugin which provides multiple layers of security from spambots. It makes you capable of increasing the intensity of its captcha logic. The higher intensity of the captcha logic will be tricky enough for the spammers.

Captcha Bank anti spam plugin WordPress also comes with the premium version, thus if you want more features you can go with the premium version.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Core Features

Below here I have listed few features of the freemium version:

  1. Captcha Bank plugin includes mathematical operations including Relation, Arithmetic and Arrange Order to make Captcha trickier.
  2. The whole dimension of captcha can be customized such as texts, background, color, styling etc.
  3. You can increase the intensity of captcha by adding lines, distortion, noise, and transparency.
  4. This anti spam plugin WordPress allows you whether if you want to make it trickier or not.
  5. It allows you to add captchas on Registration Forms, Comment Forms, Login forms etc.
  6. This anti spam plugin WordPress is fully compatible with WooCommerce, Contact Form7 and BuddyPress.

10| Anti Spam

 Anti Spam

The Anti Spam Plugin WordPress is one of the best plugins to prevent the site from bots spam. The anti spam plugin WordPress is capable of blocking 100% bots oriented spam. It is very easy to install and provides an excellent user interface, just install and go.

It comes with the dual antispam algorithm to block spam.

I) Invisible-JavaScript-Captcha – This feature is capable of blocking all bots spam because not a single bot has any JavaScript in its user agent.

II) Invisible-Input-Trap – Bots don’t have human brains that’s why they fill name, URL, and email at any form submissions. Invisible trap provides an extra field only for the bots and whenever they fill that field they blocked automatically.

Anti Spam Plugin WordPress Core Features

  1. Blocks 100% bots spam. It does not block human-oriented spam; you have to go with Anti-Spam Pro to block manual spams.
  2. Very easy to install and comes with easy interface.
  3. Antispam plugin WordPress algorithm works on dual methods to block bots oriented spam.
  4. It is compatible with all browsers.
  5. Provide admin dashboard with full detailed stats of blocked spams and suspicious activities.
Final Note:

Moreover, don’t let anybody to benefits from your hard work.  Furthermore, we all spend hours behind the bright screen and make efforts to do our best. No matter if you own a commercial or personal blog, you will never let the spammers ruin your hard work.

Lastly, if you haven’t added any anti spam plugin WordPress to your site, make sure to give your site a strong shield against tons of human and bots oriented spam. There are plenty of anti spam plugin WordPress available but here in this post, we have picked some of the best anti spam plugin WordPress to protect any WordPress powered site.

Furthermore, antispam plugin WordPress provide a shield against unwanted and suspicious contents. However, these anti spam plugin WordPress are capable of removing those unwanted contents making your sites page loading faster.

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