400+ High PR Dofollow Article Submission Sites List

400+ High PR Free Article Submission Sites List

Here our topic is Article Submission Sites List. First of all, know about “backlink”. This is the most popular word which you will read in every SEO strategy. This is the main factor while Search Engine Optimization. Often beginners don’t know about it. So they leave their site link in the comment section of high PR site. This is the spammy method SE prefer quality backlink but not spam links. So here I will try to explain about backlink. First and after that share a file which contains article submission sites list.

What is Backlink?

Article Submission Sites List (What is Backlink)

Basically, a backlink is a link which places on another site. So when you linked your site link to another web page then it will call backlink. A backlink was most important factor for site ranking. A site which contains backlinks gets higher ranking on major search engine like Google. The site ranking depends on backlinks but now content also exists.

Here are some terms which are common so you should know about it:

  • The first term is Link Juice. If any other site’s article link has linked with your site’s homepage or article. Then it called “Link Juice”. And Link Juice improve domain authority and cause of ranking.
  • The second term is No-Follow Link. When we use rel=”nofollow” with any link then it will call nofollow link. The rel attribute tell to the search engine that doesn’t include this. Often links get from comment are nofollow. Which is not beneficial regarding site ranking.
  • The third term is Do-Follow Link. When using rel=”dofollow” then it will call dofollow backlink. If you don’t use rel=”nofollow” then it will dofollow link. This type of links is beneficial regarding ranking.
  • The fourth term is Low-Quality Backlinks. When a link gets from a Porn site, spammy method or auto creation method. Then it will call low-quality backlink. This is harmful to a site so while purchasing keep in mind about it.
  • The fifth term is Internal Link. When you link one article/ page to another of your website. Then it called internal link.
  • The sixth term is Anchor Text. When you link a phrase then it called anchor text.

Why Article Submission Sites List Necessary

Article submission is a very good idea and it is very necessary. If you want to get quality backlinks. Here today I am sharing high PR article submission sites for your blog. If you want to promote your site then submit your article to top 10 article submission sites. So I suggest to you, submit your article to article directories for the quality backlink.

Forgetting a dofollow backlink just choose high PR site and visit and submit your article link. If the site links submission then paste the link and submit with the attractive title. Don’t forget to make your site’s profile and paste your blog link in the field of homepage URL.  If this is the link base site, then paste the link and submit with the attractive title. The link base site then pastes the link and submit with the attractive title.

Some sites have socialized option in which simply enter your social media IDS. Now when you submit an article here it will auto share on social media. Some article directories also offer callback URL don’t forget to enter site’s link.

You can see the article submission sites list by click on article submission sites list.

Download Here

Now just check your site’s backlink by Backlink analyzer tool. And know about do-follow, no-follow and broken links.

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