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Best Google AdSense Plugin For WordPress Website

Here I am sharing 10 best Google AdSense plugin for WordPress website. Now the question how to put google AdSense ads on WordPress website? Google AdSense is the biggest channel of earning money if you earn honestly otherwise it will ban you permanently.

So make money with Google AdSense but not greed otherwise you will get a negative result. Many people who are living in Pakistan, India or Bangladesh create website and travel to another city. Now they open their created site and click on AdSense ads this is illegal when excessive clicks from 1 IP count then AdSense ban your account for a short period but when you repeat this then Google AdSense ban your site permanently. After Google AdSense ban just try other alternatives of Google AdSense.

This is not our topic our topic is WordPress ad Plugin of Google AdSense. Making money with Google AdSense is easy if you will not betray to AdSense. Often beginners don’t know about WordPress I want to clear the concept of this question. Can you use AdSense with WordPress or not? So try to clear your concept about WordPress website. You can place Google AdSense ads on a WordPress CMS website not a free version of WordPress website.

You can add AdSense ads to blogger only on paid and free version both. Hundred’s person created WordPress AdSense plugins many of them update their plugins and many leave it on the way. Now the question arise how to put ads on WordPress website? Just create an ad in your AdSense account and get the code, place it your in installed plugin.

If you are seeing AdSense ready websites then this is not mean AdSense will auto place on these websites. When you are purchasing a theme then try to prefer SEO friendly theme. Google AdSense websites available for sale in the market but their cost are so high. So it’s better to create your own website and approve from AdSense.

List Of Best Google AdSense Plugin

I am mentioning here the list of best Google AdSense Plugin WordPress for ads placement.

  1. Google AdSense (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    Google AdSense is a plugin which created by Google and always updated in routine. This plugin name changed from Google Publisher to Google AdSense. Google AdSense Plugin for ad placing on WordPress website also supports webmaster tools.

    After installation of this plugin. Just configure your site and you will get points just click on those points where you want to add ad. This is a simple plugin for ad placement. This plugin automatically checks a site and place ads. This plugin automatically shows ads on a mobile or tablet.  Google AdSense plugin also offer to verify your site from Google console by simple steps.

    Google AdSense Plugin

  2. Multiple AdSense Account For WordPress (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    This is a paid version of AdSense ads placement WordPress plugin. This plugin offers multiple accounts. In which you have access to preview, remove and edit ads from your plugin dashboard.

    Multiple AdSense account plugin offers to place ads on posts and pages. Always keep in mind when you are earning from Google AdSense. Then don’t show more than 3 ads on a page or post. If you want to show more than ads then take special permission from Google AdSense. By the usage of this plugin, you can show ads from different accounts of AdSense.

    Multiple AdSense Account

  3. Ad Injection (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    Ad Injection is a best WordPress plugin for ads placement. This plugin gives you permission to add ads between your content and on pages. This plugin gives you a control to show ads on your website. In which, you can adjust the quantity of the ads according to your choice. You can also add ads in sidebars.

    Ads Injection

  4. Google AdSense by Best Web Soft (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    Google AdSense by best Web soft is a WordPress plugin for ads placement on a website. This is a very beneficial plugin to increase online revenue. It allows creating blocks for ads placement.

    Google AdSense by Best Web Soft

  5. WP Simple AdSense Insertion (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    WP simple AdSense insertion is a WordPress plugin for ads placement by shortcodes. Just use code where you want to add ad of Google AdSense.

    WP Simple AdSense Insertion

  6. Pro-Google AdSense  Tools Plugin (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    Pro Google AdSense tools plugin is a very beneficial tool for a website. You can control ads from your plugin dashboard. You can create a report by using this plugin also.

    Pro-Google AdSense Tools Plugin

  7. Easy Plugin For AdSense (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    This is a quality WordPress plugin for ads placement on a WordPress website. This offer to add ads between paragraph, sidebars, and search bar.

    Easy Plugin For AdSense

  8. AdRotate (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    AdRotate WordPress plugin also provides to add ads on a wide level. You can create banners for your WordPress website.

    Ad Rotate

  9. AdSense Inserter (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    AdSense Inserter WordPress plugin offer inserts ads on a random basis. Before post and end of the post. This is an advanced level of plugin contain a wide range of options. Read also how to make your site secure by WordPress Security Plugin.

    AdSense Inserter
  10. Now Plugin For AdSense (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    Now Plugin for AdSense WordPress plugin is a famous plugin for ads placement of Google AdSense. You can adjust website ads from your dashboard.

    Now Plugin For AdSense

  11. Ad Inserter (Best Google AdSense Plugin?)

    Ad Inserter is an advanced level of AdSense plugin. You can add ads of Amazon, Bing, ClickBank and much more. Easy to use and simple.

    Ad Inserter

  12. Ads EZ Best Google AdSense Plugin For Google AdSense

    Ads EZ Plugin For Google AdSense is a WordPress plugin which updates regularly. But now this is not up to date from previous some month. But this is an advanced level of the plugin to use for ads placement on your WordPress website.

    EZ Plugin For AdSense

These are all best Google AdSense plugin which are using for ad placement. Keep in mind use that plugin which regularly updates. It will work great with your site. Don’t forget to read WordPress Optimize Database With And Without PluginsYou have read about the best Google AdSense plugin. If you have any other then share in the comment section.

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