Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache For Fast Speed

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Today we will talk about the best setting of the W3 total cache for fast site speed. Do you like to make your website speed faster? If yes then you need to take good decision timely. The Search engine encourages fast speed and mobile friendly websites. So make your website faster with good hosting and after that installing cache plugin. And the W3 total cache plugin is the best plugin and the active install is more than 1 million. So you have a choice to do the best setting of the W3 Total Cache and make site speed faster.

If you are not expert. Then see here the best setting of the W3 Total Cache. And if the plugin does not satisfy you. Then use WP Super cache plugin. Because this is simple in use and best for beginners. Now here we will try to explain about this plugin setting. And after it just checks website speed. By the way, we have also installed this plugin. And using Cloud Flare CDN for our website. After plugin Installation and CDN our site speed is as below:

Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache

So here we are also uploading the setting of this plugin you can download and export like shown below method.

  • So first, download W3 Total cache plugin setting. After it unzip and import file which you will find with .json extension.

[button color=”orange” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”” target=”false”]Download W3 Total Cache Setting[/button]

  • Just download and import by the explaining method

Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache

  • Now scroll down and see shown setting.

Download Pre Configured Setting

Or hire us for more explanation and better speed of the site. Before installation and activation just download your website backup. But we will suggest you install Jetpack plugin. Because this is a very useful plugin. It will take backup of your website when your website goes down with intimation. This is also providing downtime monitoring function in free of cost. When your site will go down or up it will send an email to your given email address. Just click on the link and you will directly reach on your desired option. If you are facing any difficulty. Then you can choose W3 Total cache alternativeLet’s start the best setting of the W3 Total Cache.

Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache

General Setting

Page Cache


Database Cache

Object Cache

Browser Cache



Fragment Cache


Cloud Flare


  1. General Section of the best setting of the W3 Total Cache

    Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache

  2. Page Cache

    Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache

    If you need better performance. Then we will suggest you enable compatibility mode. If you face any issue then you can disable it.

  3. Minify

    Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache

    W3 Total cache plugin developers suggest don’t make any change in Minify setting. It is already pre-set so don’t make changes in it. But if you want to make changes then its depend on you. If you are a user of CDN then no need to use minify tab. Read also Create 301 Redirect .htaccess.

  4. Database Cache

    Leave as the default setting. (Suggest by developers).

  5. Object Cache

    Leave as the default setting. (Suggest by developers).

  6. Browser Cache

    Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache

    Just check on include expires header for the lifetime.

  7. CDN

    Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache
    CDN mean content delivery network who store website in a different location in the World. This helps out to reduce the distance and also make speed faster. For example, if a person accesses your website from the USA. Then first priority is that your website will open from USA server. If CDN has, otherwise, your website will open nearly server. CDN also recommended by GT Metrix. Don’t forget to read How To Stop Spam Comments On WordPress?

  8. Configure With Max CDN

    Best Setting Of The W3 Total Cache
    Best Setting Of The W3 Total CacheEnter Origin Server URL.

    Best Setting Of The W3 Total CacheDon’t close this window

    Best Setting Of The W3 Total CacheCreate an application by going on below link

    maxcdn-create-application-1-w3-total-cacheGeneral Setting Tabcdn-general-setting-w3-total-cache
    Now clicks on General Setting tab and select Max CDN. While using CDN don’t enable database cache.general-setting-w3-total-cachecdn-create-new-pull-zone-w3-total-cache
    whitelist-ip-w3-total-cacheNow copy the IP address and open your MaxCDN panel and whitelist this IP. Just open the below link.
  9. Fragment Cache

    For this option, you need to upgrade your plan from free to pro. If you don’t use this option then your site speed will not affect.

  10. Extensions

    extension-tab-w3-total-cacheActive extensions which you want to use. If you are a user of Yoast SEO then activate it. You can also see Yoast SEO tutorial for Google ranking.

  11. Cloud Flare

    Here just see the best setting of the W3 Total Cache of CloudFlare section.cloudflare-setting-w3-total-cache
    Cloud Flare setting.


After all, you have completed the best setting of the W3 Total Cache. Now just sign up for Cloud Flare and configure like this. If you are on shared hosting then this was the W3 total cache settings for a shared hosting site.

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