Bing Webmaster Tools Made Easy With Global Blurb

Bing Webmaster Tools Made Easy With Global Blurb

.Bing Webmaster Tools is a great way to know the site’s condition on the major search engines like Google & Bing. So today you will read Bing Webmaster Tools made easy with Global Blurb.

Furthermore, Bing Webmaster Tools is an advanced level of the tool for SEO professionals. There is no doubt about Google webmaster tool is a great for knowing the site’s ranking but the Bing Webmaster Tools is more than better from this.

There are many unlimited benefits of Bing Webmaster Tools and today in this post we will share with the advanced feature of the Bing Webmaster tool. However, if you are facing site’s ranking issue then you need to concentrate on Bing Webmaster tool and get rid of low ranking.

Bing Webmaster Tools Made Easy With Global Blurb

Verifying Website From Bing Webmaster Tools

It’s not difficult to verify website from Bing. Just log in and paste the main URL of the website and hit the Add button. After it, it will ask about some basic info like the sitemap of the URL.

Add the site

Before going to the next step you need to verify your website first and after it moves to the next step. However, when you will enter the website a verify button will appear. We suggest to verify your website via HTML tags like showing in this article: Google Webmaster Tools Verify Your Website Now

In the above link, we have verified a site from Google Webmaster Tools so you can follow these steps and can verify your site. However, you can also read here the method to verify website from Bing here: Website Verification

Lastly, here website’s verification via DNS also available but we don’t suggest this method because it’s irritating for the beginners. After verification, you will wait for 3-4 days so the tool can pick your site’s data and index it.

The main interface of the Bing Webmaster tools is so simple and easy to understand. You can add multiple websites on a single email account. Furthermore, when you will visit the Bing tool you will see the list of websites which are added by you. Here you will able to see the level of indexing, clicks, impressions and crawled pages.

Dashboard for Websites

After verification of the websites, you can individually access the dashboard for websites.  The dashboard offers a complete overview of your site’s activity, sitemap’s list, organic keyword search, inbound links list and you can also diagnose your website via diagnostics tool.

Configure My Site

Configure my site is the navigation and from the expansion, you can see a list of tools which will most useful for a website.


The sitemap is the language of the Search engine it contains all posts, pages, categories and tags on your website. It tells the search engine about your website’s data and on the behalf of sitemap the search engine crawl any website. If you will not submit your site’s sitemap your site will not crawl by the search engine.

However, Bing accepts the below format of sitemap:

  1. XML sitemap
  2. RSS 2.0
  3. Atom 0.3 & 1.0
  4. Bing & Yahoo mRSS
  5. Text files

Furthermore, you can submit a site’s sitemap via Bing Webmaster tools which are more than easy from other methods. However, many online sitemap generator tools also available on the web but we suggest to use Yoast SEO if you are a user of WordPress website. Let’s read about the best settings of Yoast SEO Plugin.

Video Feeds Specifications

Bing is also offering videos sitemap but the restriction fix by the Bing is that, submit video sitemap separately. So after submitting the video’s sitemap, it will index videos also on Yahoo & Bing. The format of video sitemap is mRSS which is easy to understand by Bing. However, you can also read here about Bing support video extensions.

Submit URLs

If you are facing that Google is not crawling your URLs then you can resubmit to the Bing and it will re-crawl submitted URLs. Just paste the URL one per line and click on the submit button.

Submit URL

The big benefit of this feature is that here you are bound to submit maximum 50 URLs per month and 10 URLs per day. So while submitting the URLs check two times are these are important or not?

Ignore URL Parameters

URL parameters is a great way to check the user’s behavior. But the negative impact is that due to the usage of this feature your site will the victim of the duplicate content issue and it will heart your SEO efforts. However, we suggest to our visitors to don’t use this feature of the Bing Webmaster tools. Because it will hurt your site.

Crawl Control Settings

Now the turn to understand about Crawl control settings, it’s also a useful tool for your website. By the usage of this feature, you can be customize crawling pattern of your website. However, here you have a choice to choose the preset pattern or create your own choice.

Every major search engine offers the crawl rate settings and you can adjust this as your own desire. But keep in mind while custom crawling can slow down your server and also affect your website. So it’s better to leave this setting on default. Because search engine better knows to collect sitemap timings. However, here you have a choice to set peak hours and off-peak hours for sitemap collection.

Deep Links

Google was offering the feature like showing below but the latest version of Google Search Console does not have this feature. The feature called sitelinks and it looks great if your site has. However, Bing is offering still now the feature sitelinks and if you want to increase click-through rate then you must enable this option. By the way, Bing also saying about Deep link lets read: Manage Deep Links.

Deep Links

First of all, sitelinks/ deep links are increasing click-through rate and also showing your website popular posts or videos under the main URL. Furthermore, the most beneficial thing of Bing is that, if you are failed to show deep links under your main URL then it will auto-generate deep links on the behalf of what people search on the web from your website.

However, some people dislike this option of Google & Bing. Then what they do? If you dislike this then you can block this and also read what the Bing said: Block deep links

For blocking the deep links you will enter the URL which you want to block and then click on the Block button after selecting the Country.

Block Deep Links

By the usage of block deep links tool, you can block this feature of Bing for 3 months. However, after blocking if you want to re-activate then you can also delete the URL while selecting. Furthermore, if you want to see the list of deep links blocked by you in CSV format on your PC then you can also do this by clicking on the Export button which is showing at the end of deep link block section.

Block URLs

Block URLs is the great feature of Bing Webmaster Tools which allows to you remove the page or post which you want to exclude from the index. Here you need to find out the URL of the post or page and insert in the field and click on block permanently. After it, URL will remove from the index and the cache.

However, Bing suggests if you want to exclude the post or page from search engine index then you need to place noindex meta tag in the header of your theme. Because remove after indexing is a bad practice so it’s better to noindex on all search engine. By the way, if you have indexed the post and now wants to remove permanently from the index then block URL feature will help you. Lastly, block URL also offering a feature to hide URL temporary. If you want to temporary hide the URL from index then you can choose temporary hide option from the block URL options.

For blocking the URL you will select the URL and insert in the field after it selects the desired option and clicks on the block. However, if you want to export the list of blocked URLs then it’s also possible via export file option. The export button showing on the end of the block URL box.

Disavow Links

If you want to make your Bing Webmaster tools profile clean & clear then you can use the Disavow link feature of Bing webmaster tools. The feature offers you to remove untrusted links from your website. However, Bing also gives a definitive guide here: Disavow feature.

Now see the simple steps to disavow the spammy or low-level links:

Just click on the Disavow URL from the drop-down menu and insert here the URL which is spam or low quality. It may be a post, directory or page. After it, click on the disavow URL and rid off this. Here you can add unlimited URLs and due to disavow links will not affect your website’s ranking.

Connected Pages

Bing Webmaster Tools allow to the site’s owner to link their pages with their social media accounts. For this purpose, you will add the social media account and verify this by click on the verify button. After verification of the social networking sites, you will able to see the stats of your social media accounts. The stats of the connected pages will show in the drop-down menu which is located on the left-hand side of the Bing webmaster tools.


Geo-targeting is the useful feature for those site’s owners or product industry who want to show their site in a specific country. For example, if you want to show your website in the Pakistani’s search then you can select here and your website will appear in the Pakistani’s searches. Furthermore, if you have not selected the zone or area then your site or organization will visible to all over the country. While Geo-Targeting your site’s all data like posts, pages, media etc. will visible to the mentioned area of the world.

For setting up Geo-targeting feature of Bing Webmaster Tools you will select the directory or other one option and after it enters the URL. Lastly, you will select the country where your website will visible and click on the Submit button which is showing on the right side of the country drop-down menu.


Lastly, a little confusion is here, while Geo-targeting it’s not sure that it will show in the described country. The function works but other country’s people can also see your website in the Bing search results. Some SEO’s expert use this feature to rank their website in the specific country.

Using Reports & Data

Bing generate a report of your website so you can analyze your website ranking and effectiveness. However, if you want to export this data for your offline work then you can also do this by click on the Export button. Here you are able to see the report of your site as given below:

  • How many times your website shows in the search?
  • Most search keywords of your website
  • The status of Crawling.

These are the main some feature of this tab. The tab is very useful for SEO’s expert because they get an idea about the website’s ranking from this report.

Page Traffic Reports

The page traffic reports will show the performance of your website like the top pages, posts, how many times your website shows in the organic search, impression and click through rate. The data can be exported in the excel file for offline evaluation.

Additionally, there is a line under the URL showing on this page ” View search keywords”, while clicking on this you will get detailed information on a new open pop up windows. However, you can also expand this windows by clicking on the + symbol. Here you can see the individual performance report of every URL which can be post or page of your website.

Index Explorer

Index Explorer is another best help while doing SEO, it will tell you about the crawled pages or posts and the number of URLs which has been discovered by the Bing and how many times the links have appeared in the search results of the visitors. Here you will able to see the click’s number which got from the search by the visitors.

However, here filters also available which will filter your data according to 301, 404, malware infection or other pages which are prohibited (ban from robots.txt file)  to search engine.

You can also see the status codes by click on the “show custom options”. After it, you will select the code from the drop-down list and see the information of time frame and crawling range.

Search Keywords Report

Search Keywords report give to you a depth level knowledge of those keywords which appeared in the organic search and increase impression and clicks. It will tell you about the performance of your websites like click-through rate and the ranking of your site. Here a big benefit is this you can check the custom search keyword report.

SEO Reports

SEO reports give you the best practice report of Engine Optimization for your website. However, if an error occurs onto your website then a recommendation also will appear here.

Inbound Links

Inbound links feature will discover those links which are pointing to yours. Additionally, if you are losing or getting the links with the passage of time will also appear via a chart. However, if you want to see inbound links to your website up to 20,000 as well as it will show anchor text also and be exported in the CSV format to your personal computer. Furthermore, Bing said, The inbound links exportable to one million.

Crawl Information Report

Crawl information report provides the report of crawl errors like 500 internal server error, 404 error, 401 error etc. Here you will able to see the list of URLs which are giving the error or not accessible to your site. Here you will see the issues which are stopping to access your website.

Bing report the following issues in the crawl information report like HTTP status code error, Malware infection, excluded by robots.txt, DNS failure, and connection errors.

Using Diagnostic & Tool

Using the diagnostic tool in Bing webmaster tool you will able to fix the issues and make better search visibility of the site.

Keyword Research Tool

Like the Google Adward Bing also offer to perform keyword research for establishing a great SEO campaign. So if you want to check queries of the keyword then visit Bing Keyword Research Data. Here you can check any keyword details in depth by applying different filters like keyword searches and competition.

Link Explorer

The Link Explorer feature allows you to check the profile backlinks details. Here you can also apply different filters like internal links or external links etc.

Fetch As Bing Bot

Fetch as Bing bot is a very sensitive feature of the Bing webmaster tools if you know about this then better otherwise don’t use in excessive because it will affect your website. However, if you want to fetch as Bing Bot then paste the URL and click on the Fetch button.

Verify Bing Bot Tool

Just research IPs which are available in the log files of your website. The purpose of checking this is to check is it belong to Bing Bot? However, if it will not genuine then it shows that server makes the request is not legitimate.

Markup Validator

For those using structured markup — in this case,, RDFa, Microformats, HTML Microdata, or Open Graph — the Markup Validator will indicate whether or not it was correctly implemented. If the markup has been applied correctly, the code from the scanned page will show in the markup report.

SEO Analyzer

SEO analyzer offer to analyze individual URL and score suggested by SEO. However, while using SEO analyzer concentrate on site-wide SEO. Furthermore, when you will choose a URL then it will tell you a depth knowledge about this link. After analyzation, SEO analyzer of Bing Webmaster tools will give recommendations to you about your website.

 Site Move

The site moves feature give permission to you that your site has moved to the new domain. For example, if you want to move your ( to ( then the site move tool will redirect this visitor to the new one.


The Malware feature will tell you about the Malware if Bing webmaster tools will detect on your website. It will show under the security tab of Bing Webmaster tools. Malware detection tool will tell you after analyzation your site is the issue resolve or resist. However, if a malware detected then it will suggest the solution to remove this.

Messages & Alerts

Bing Webmaster tools send messages & alert if they feel any issue regarding SEO to your site. When any issue occur then Message & Alert will notify you about this. Bing Webmaster Tools will filter all messages according to your site. Here you will read crawl error, malware infection etc.

Additional Features

Content Removal

The Content Removal Tool allows you to remove outdated content or those links which are not on your website or move to another one. Just place the URL and click on the submit page for content removal.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and will apply for your website to rank higher on the Bing. However, if you have another idea for higher ranking of a site then share us via guest post on “”.

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