Blogger SEO Tips That Followed By Major SEO Blogs

Blogger SEO Tips That Followed By Major SEO Blogs

Blogger SEO Tips: Would you like to know the some basic to advance effective ways which used by all major SEO blogs? Grab traffic, decrease bounce rate and increase organic traffic from Google. Moreover, if you are a user of WordPress and running a personal blog then how’s possible you will pay thousands of dollars for Search Engine Optimization or for expensive hosting plans.

However, if you are using a WordPress blog and getting slow website then don’t forget to read W3 Total Cache Best Settings for making your website speed faster. Let’s proceed to Blogger SEO tips…

By the way, if you have a nice BlogSpot blog or Blogger then no need to worry about the hosting issues, downtime or bandwidth problem. Lastly, you don’t need to tens of security issues, you just need to worry about to improve your Blogger SEO tips. So your blog can be visible in the organic search and increase click-through rate.

So now in this article, you will able to learn Blogger SEO tips and the way which gives you a lot of traffic. Furthermore, you will also able to improve your blogs that can compete with other competitors who already ranked their blogs on those keywords which you want to use.

Why Blogger SEO Tips?

BlogSpot or Blogger are the most powerful and best way for online earning in the globe. Moreover, Blogger is also counted as the best blogging platforms. So you have a chance to start an online business or blog with BlogSpot or Blogger.

By the way, for online earning you need to continue work for two years or three years. After it, you will get success otherwise it will be difficult to rank and get traffic. Because hundreds of blogs are going online in every week. Therefore, you need to more than conscious from other online marketers who have already done hard work.

Now if you want to get the attention of search engines then you need to follow some legal rules which are suggested by the search engines. When you will follow the suggested rules of search engines then it will be called Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, the abbreviation is SEO.

So if you want to grow site traffic which is organic then you need to make your blog like that which are instructed by the search engine. Now when you will make your blog SEO optimized then you will work with two below ways:

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

Guide About On-Page Search Engine Optimization – On-Page SEO

When you will do work on your blog it will be called On-Page optimization or On Page SEO. Moreover, when you are doing interlinking the posts, content writing, category creation etc. called On Page SEO or On Page Search Engine Optimization.

You know the SEO’s expert saying if you have gripped the On-Page SEO then you don’t worry about Off Page SEO. No one can stop to show your blog in the organic search. By the way, if your content is not user-friendly or your blog has bad user experience then you will lose your visitors.

Guide To Off Page Search Engine Optimization

The opposed to On Page SEO called Off Page SEO/ search engine optimization. The things which you are doing for your blog on the outside of your blog it will be called off Page Search engine optimization. Like outbound links, social media sharing, link sharing, guest posting, forum posting etc.

While search engine optimization that’s very effective to boost the off Page SEO with On Page SEO. Because it will give you backlinks and the backlink is the very powerful factor for ranking the blog.

So, therefore, Off-Page search engine optimization is also necessary for blog’s ranking. Because while On Page SEO or Off Page SEO you are making your blog powerful and defeat the competitors.

By the way, in On Page SEO everything is in your own hand. You are controlling everything. In simple words you can think about the traffic, how much you need and how can you control? So more caring to give you more traffic and more traffic give you more earning.

In the Blogger SEO tips, you need to concentrate on SEO instructions. So after reading this article, you will able to increase your blog’s traffic. So continue your reading.

Blogger SEO Tips: Improve On-Page SEO Techniques

In blogging, you will use some SEO tools and some 3rd party tools for increasing your blog’s traffic. Furthermore, if you will follow the techniques which have shared in the next para then you are going to increase site’s traffic x3 or more times.

For this, you need to follow just these tips on your personal blog/ business website. So now are you ready for this? Now let’s take the first step toward the blog’s optimization by doing On-Page SEO.

1| Select Domain Name Which is Relates To The Blog’s Name

The first Blogger SEO tips are: Let’s get a domain which is related to your blog’s title. Because people will search your domain via blog name. However, if you are thinking to use a free domain then you will be away thousands of competitors who are using the custom domain name.

If you are thinking why I need to use the custom domain name then the answer is here, because you want to give a professional look and also wants people can trust on your blog. After all, you will increase click-through rate from SERP and social media.

Now the next tension is that some networks do not accept sub-domains. You know the Google AdSense is the best source of income for online earners and Google AdSense only accept the custom domain for ads placement.

Moreover, all online publisher tools accept the custom domain name so it’s better to choose the unique name which is attractable.

Keep in Mind While Getting Custom Domain – Blogger SEO Tips

The purpose of motivation is just to improve your custom domain from others. Otherwise, you cannot win in the online business.

While using a custom domain you are earning the trust of visitors. After it, Google also gives some extra concentration to your blog because Google also loves to the brand. Moreover, you can also read Google’s guidelines for a custom domain name.

Now the question arises what is the best method which gives you the best name for your blog which relates to your site’s name. Furthermore, you can get your domain immediately because in every second people purchase the top level niche names for their business or blog.

Therefore, we will recommend taking an action regarding custom domain now. Because when you will leave your today work on the next day then it will not come in your life. By the way, we have some suggestions which will help out while purchasing the custom domain name for your online business.

  1. Don’t use the name which is difficult to spell. It’s must be easy to remember.
  2. Moreover, purchase .com domain because it’s more than better from .org or .net etc. extensions.
  3. Lastly, keep in mind the usage of character will create panic for you. So be conscious of it like as

However, if you are creating a business site then add the keyword in your domain which belongs to your business. The reason for using the keyword in domain name is to defeat the competitors. Some examples are like as, etc.

There are several tools available on the web who are offering to search the custom domain name for your blog or business. Some are listed here as under:

  1. Name Boy
  2. Name Mesh
  3. Lean Domain Search

2| Blogger SEO Tips: Keep Congested Your Blog Niche

A thing which is seeing from different bloggers is that some blogs have multi-niche blogs. This is a great thing which is suitable when you are a team. If you are a one-person company then don’t waste your time because thousands of people already doing working and are ready to defeat you in the online business. You know the world’s most difficult way is to earn from online. So we recommend you get a passionate niche and work on this continuously.

Why Do You Need To Prefer Single Niche Blog or Congested Niche?

There are some reasons we prefer the single niche blog or congested niche for the custom domain.

# 1 Reason for Blogger SEO Tips

The first reason is that you can grip this without taking too much panic.

Moreover, when you will start to write on a topic then people will automatically attract to your blog and start following your blog and newsletter. Moment on the social media channels also start and people will take decision to subscribe your online channels. After it, you will be an expert on this thing and it will simple to defeat your competitors for multi-niche.

You know who is Neil Patel why is he famous on the web? Because he is an SEO expert. Why John Chow is famous because he is an online internet marketer.

So now just think if they started multi-niche site then they become popular like that? If they start multi-niche site then they will not an expert like that and could not get popularity.

# 2 Reason for Blogger SEO Tips

The second reason is that the search engine easily identifies the blog.

Now would you like to target traffic to your website? But how’s possible? By writing thousands article. No don’t write thousands of articles just write few quality articles and start getting traffic to your website in just some days.

Best Blogger SEO Tips For Attracting The Traffic

Obviously, you will write quality content and after it, major platforms will give concentration to your blog and the major search engines will start sending traffic to your site.

The search engine is not mine or your relative and it knows what site contain which type of data and then start sending traffic according to the keywords which have used on the blog.

Let’s see how search engine check the keywords? If you have written 10 articles about SEO and the competitors has written 100 articles on SEO then your competitor’s site will appear in the search results.

So now if you want to get traffic then target only 1 keyword and start writing on this. Otherwise, you cannot get success.  After a long time of experience will tell that really one keyword is better for working.

Now you will raise a question then how’s you can rank your site in different niches? It’s simple just start from one keyword and when you will get ranking on one. Then you can start on second & third. But in the start, it’s impossible to get ranking on multi keywords.

3| Blogger SEO Tips: Online Content Marketing Strategy

If you are thinking that you can rank your blog without quality content then you will fail on the front of Search Engine Optimization. In fact, online content marketing is basically the name of Search Engine Optimization.

So you have to concentrate on the people’s choice which one will be acceptable to the visitor and which will not. Therefore, we are providing a guide how can you engage people to read your content and react immediately to it.

#1 Step is To Find out Which Content Visitors Wants from You

Now the question arises how’s possible to know the visitor’s desire? Don’t worry there are many ways which will help you to find out the people’s desire like:

I| Keyword Research

Most people type of phrase which they want to need an answer like if they are suffered in the hair fall issue then they will type a phrase “how we can get rid of hair fall?” So you need to write on this topic and you can know about it by searching on Google Keyword Planner or Moz Keyword Explorer.

II| Forums

Visit the forums where people ask their questions. By the way nowadays the Quora is the most popular and most visited by the people.

However, Yahoo answers is also a great place which is visited by the millions of professionals and you can find here the phrase which is mostly asked by the people.

III| Surveys

You can start a survey and ask your audience what they want to you. However, in this regard, PollDaddy and Survey Monkey will help you.

IV| Comments

Moreover, comments are also hinting to you about the visitor’s choice. If your posts do not have enough comments then don’t worry you can visit most popular blogs and read the comments what people ask from the blogger and after it publish on your blog about this.

V| Analyze Competitors

Lastly, you need to visit the web pages which are ranked and getting high-level traffic from the major search engines. Here you can get a lot of info about the visitor’s choice and also your competitors are telling you about the visitor’s choice. If you can evaluate the post.

#2 Step Blogger SEO Tips: Write Now

After completion of the above steps, the next one is writing. So why are you waiting just start to write now? First of all, think about the title which attracts the visitor.

So you need to give more concentration on the title because if the post’s title will attractive then people will click on it and read the remaining post. However, first of all, create a unique attractive title from your own end but if you have failed then search for it online, you will get hundreds of sites for title creation. By the way, you can also use this tool.

#3 Step Blogger SEO Tips: Plan For The Post

The third step is to break down the post into a different section. Just open the editor and plan how many sections you are going to create and create catchy heading by adding the target keywords. Moreover, you can also learn here about the attract post: SEO Strategy

There is no concern how much word you will use in the article. Just use the targeted keyword in the heading and subheading because search engine read first the heading and after it the post.

#4 Step Blogger SEO Tips: Start Your Writing

The easiest work for the writers. But keep in mind it will take a bit time for the quality content. While creating a post don’t forget to use the keyword in the post. However, the keyword density is 1-3% minimum prefer by the search engine.

Do you know people read your first sentences or para and after it, they decide to continue reading? So make first paragraph attractable which force the visitor to read complete article.

After it, sure to use the keywords in your post. Moreover, you can get benefit in Blogger SEO tips from Google Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro or SEMrush for getting long tail keywords.

Moreover, don’t forget to use primary keyword and then secondary keyword in the post and in the first paragraph.

Now you need to concentrate on the keyword’s density. Overuse will cause of un-ranked post. Like that, if you are targeting the keyword blog then the next must be problog or if you are using blogging then the next must be problogging. Because excessive usage gives penalty from the search engine.

You can also highlight your words by using text formatting section. You can bold, italic or underline for the best user experience and attractive text post.

Lastly, you will use the target keyword in the featured image as the alt tag. Because this is also effective and search engine also needs this for giving ranking to your post. Now start writing and don’t worry about the words. But it’s better to write minimum 500 words post.

#5 Step Blogger SEO Tips: Edit The Post Which Written By You

After post’s completion, you will edit this because you are going to face many grammar errors or spell errors. It’s better to make an attractive post you need to edit this after some hours or the next day. Because immediately you cannot find out errors correctly.

#6 Step Proofread Now

Now start proofreading on the next day of editing. Here you will check keyword usage, sections, subsections, headings, and sub-headings.

#7 Step Bloggers SEO Tips: Visualize the Post

Lastly, if you have the blog which is not attractive then visitors will hate them. So here the next step you will follow is to add some visual content. You can add infographics, images, and screenshots for better user experience.

Moreover, it will be more than better from all things if you add a video which relates to the target keyword.

At the end, this was the method of article writing which your visitors love. Moreover, don’t create a paragraph more than 150 words. However, if you want people read your complete article then create a paragraph of 3-4 lines. After it, create white space as you can make because congested words are giving bad user experience.

Excessive usage of images, or bullets, numbers also a cause of bad user experience. So use images where you need and use bullets and numbers just for the need.

Because you know a good post will give you a good user experience and this was the last line of article writing in the Blogger SEO tips. Now move to the next section.

4| Blogger SEO Tips: Score for Readability

In this section of the article regarding Blogger SEO tips, you will check the score of readability. The meaning of this, is it readable for human or you have used so difficult language?


Now the question arises how’s possible to know the content is human readable or not? Don’t worry here we are sharing a tool which will tell you the readability score of your content. Just visit to know the score for readability.

Now let’s visit the website and insert the content which you have written and it will tell you the score. Your content must be readable for the grade 5 student because in the world 30 – 40% people know English.

So when your blog is easy to understand then it will attract more people and obviously due to the visits your Alexa rank improve and it will be popular soon.

5| Blogger SEO Tips: Typography

While On-Page SEO the typography is another important factor, it tells the people’s reading score. Just understand with an example. If your blog is reading by 65+, then you need to give concentrate on the font-size, height of the line and space between the words. At the end, you need to give a concentration of font-family.

If you are thinking this is minor then keep in mind little mistakes make a blunder. However, Neil Patel who is the most popular SEO expert experienced that by increasing the font size he get an increment of 8% people. By the way, you need to make the font-size minimum 12px.

If you will follow these steps then it will change the audience. However, you can find the score of typography by A/B testing.

6| Blogger SEO Tips: SMO – Social Media Optimization

Nowadays, the social media is playing the best role in internet marketing. You know many bloggers get traffic from Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Stumble Upon. After getting the traffic, these networks are improving the blog’s SEO also.

However, if you are thinking how’s possible. Then you can read here the combination of SEO and social media which is described by the expert on Moz let’s read: Moz’s Google ranking factors.

Due to the social media, you are improving the blog’s SEO and also producing the awareness about your blog or brand. Therefore, we suggest using social media. A great thing about social media networks is that they are totally free and you can build relation also with different professionals without paying a cent.

Moreover, you can find here some articles which will give you an idea to optimize your blog:

  1. Fashion Blog Submission Sites – Immediately Approval
  2. Business Listing Sites Worldwide – Most Popular
  3. DoFollow Forum Submission Sites – Updated List

Due to SMO – Social Media Optimization, you are improving your ranking and SERP’s results. So better to improve SMO while doing SEO.

7| Blogger SEO Tips: Keyword Research

If you are facing low traffic then you are not writing on, what people want to read? So that’s important to give concentration on keyword research and after it writes a quality content.

The keyword research tells you about the best keyword which will help your blog to read by the people. Moreover, while internal linking you need to link long tail keywords because they are the best way to rank your posts.

I| Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is the popular tool which is offering by Google for those who wants to create a campaign on the Google AdWords. But the fabulous tool helps also to those also who do not want to start a campaign. It’s a totally free tool. Furthermore, by using this tool you can get keywords ideas also.

II| SEMrush

SEMrush is the best analyzer for competitor’s sites nowadays. By using this tool you can easily find the quality keywords which convert into the ranking and traffic. Here you can also know the difficulty level of the keyword. The difficulty level tells you about the efforts which you will make for ranking your posts.

III| Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro names are showing that long tail keywords generation online tool. It will help you to find out the keywords which give you CPC, match and the volume of the search on the major search engines.

Moreover, if you really want to rank your blog then you need to use long tail keywords. Furthermore, Long Tail Pro will tell you about the keywords which are not used by the most of the bloggers.

IV| Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is also a popular long tail keyword nowadays. It generates the quality long tail keywords which are searched by the people on Google and Bing. By the using this tool you can optimize your blog and go to the next level.

The quality long tail keywords mean more traffic with more unique visits. So it’s better to give concentration on On-Page SEO like internal linking, long tail keywords etc.

8| Blogger SEO Tips: SEO

Search Engine Optimization needs to submit your blog to all search engines. So your blog will able to win the trust and get improvement in the search engine optimization.

Moreover, we have published many tutorials for getting backlinks and improving Search engine Optimization. These are easy to reach by the SEO category. However, a collection of articles about search engine optimization is also hereunder:

  1. How To Add A Website To Google Webmaster Tools?
  2. Bing Webmaster Tools Made Easy With Global Blurb

Now when you will submit your website to all major search engines. Then people will mention your blog if your posts are really attractive. While SEO today, every search engine prefer the quality content and the posts which are minimum 5000 words with quality video and infographics.

9| Blogger SEO Tips: Template Design

Now if you want to show your blog really attractive then you need to understand it first. If you are using the same design, same trick, and the same appearance of the competitor. Then how’s possible to attract the visitor and make your blog awesome. Furthermore, it will be difficult to get on the front from the crowd.

Moreover, the design of the template is the way which growing or prevents people to visit your blog. If your blog does not have an attractive design then no one will visit again. After it, if the template is using too much javascript or bad coding then it will not respond and that’s mean this is not SEO friendly. So always use the template which is SEO friendly.

The websites which are not SEO friendly also not encouraged by the search engines and you cannot get traffic and ranking. By the way, Google also announced the SEO friendly template and the speed of site which depend on the template. Moreover, read about the mobile-friendliness which is described by the Google. So all depends on the template before starting the content publishment.

There are thousands of free blogger themes available on the web. By the way, if you are thinking to use the premium theme then you can get from different sources like etc. So let’s download the template and start working on it.

10| Blogger SEO Tips: Site’s Page Speed

While doing On-Page SEO the page speed play a big role which is affecting the site’s ranking. If your site’s speed is faster and getting no time to load then people will automatically attract to your site. After it, Google will give preference to your site. By the way, in site’s speed hosting playing a vital role also and the bloggers is a big channel where you don’t need to worry about it.

Nowadays, Google is the major search engine and they suggest to make site speed faster which quickly open. By the way, Google recommends to site’s speed loading time is 6-second maximum. Because the sites who take time more than 6 seconds will cause of exit from your site.

By the way, below is the list of different tools which tells about the site’s speed and the performance of your website.

  1. Page Speed – Google Developers
  2. Pingdom Speed test
  3. GT Metrix Speed and Performance
  4. Website Performance and Optimization Test
  5. Page Speed Performance Test – YSlow

Furthermore, by the usage of these tools, you will get site’s speed and the ways which make your site’s better. By the way, read here some treatments which make your site faster. While uploading the images compress it. Moreover, if you want to compress images via Photoshop then you can read here:

How To Optimize Images For Web Without Losing Quality

I| Image Resizing

By the way, you can also resize the images from the blog’s settings. When you will upload the image then here you will see an option of resizing.

II| HTTPS Request

The second factor is minimizing the HTTPS request. If your blogs loading time is more than 6 sec then check, it will generate an excessive quantity of HTTPS request. So you can decrease this by adding all CSS file into the one and all JavaScript files into the one file. After it, you can upload it again. By the way, you can read here a tutorial for images let’s click on CSS sprites.


If your site is dynamically loading files externally then it will also a cause of site’s speed increment. So better to decrease the requests of HTML DOM.

IV| JavaScript Load Externally

Load JavaScript externally also increase your site’s speed. So you can read here the way to load it anonymously: JavaScript files load.

V| Disqus Comment

If you are using Disqus comment system then prefer dynamically download. By the usage, you can control everything like appearance and other things according to your choice.

VI| Widgets

While using the widget block don’t show on the mobiles devices. By the way, you can use to show on the desktop version. But it must be user-friendly and make your blog attractive. By the way, Google suggests to use Conditional tags and you can read here for details: Blogger conditional tags.

There is no doubt that site’s speed plays a vital role in the ranking factor. So you need to make your site’s speed better around the globe. Moreover, you can read the site’s speed on the Google analytics. If you have pasted the code of Google analytics in your theme’s header then good otherwise you can read an article about it. Let’s read here the way to add the analytics code: Get Google Analytics Property Tracking ID In Just 40 Sec.

By the way, if you don’t want to use Google analytics account for checking the site’s speed then you can check this by using Google tool: Google Page Speed Insight

11| Blogger SEO Tips: Optimization of Title

The title of the blog is so much important while search engine optimization and it’s the On-Page SEO. However, you know 98 out of 100 people read your blog after reading the blog’s title. So create an attractive blog’s title which captures the reader’s concentration. Furthermore, you can read here infographic which is published on the QuickSprout.

12| Blogger SEO Tips: URL Optimization while SEO

While On-Page SEO URL optimization is also important to the above suggestions. Due to the URL optimization, you are increasing the CTR (click through rate) of your site. Moreover, in the blogger Blog post URL takes an important role in increasing the search engine ranking of your post pages and increase the Click through Rate (CTR). Do you know that you can add custom URL to your blog post?

How To Change Default URL to Custom Blogger?

When you are editing the post after the draft then you can make this own choice by clicking on the permalinks word which is available under the post’s setting. By the way, in the blogger, the permalink auto generate for your post. But you can edit it and save as your own choice.

Custom URL Blogger

Steps For Creating Perfect SEO Optimized URL

Don’t forget to use the target keyword in the post’s permalink. Use the target keyword at the start of the URL. Furthermore, create a descriptive URL by the addition of the targeted longtail keyword.

Keep in mind all search engines suggest making short URL doesn’t create long URL. Because of it also important to get ranking on the search engine.

13| Blogger SEO Tips: Image Optimization While SEO

No doubt that search engine is smarter but it’s not intelligent like a human. So how the search engine find the information about images, videos, and infographics?

You know the search engine’s bots like Google Bot, Bing Bot or Baidu Spider use the Metadata and schema data for gathering information about any data.

While images uploaded to any article recognize by the Search Engine reading the ALT tag of images. Moreover, Title tag used for the visitors.

However, these two elements are so much important in the sight of Search Engine. If you really want to get traffic from the search engine then you need to use ALT tag for the images. After it, you need to add a bit description of the image.

While creating a title don’t create excessive words, however, you can use tools for creating Post Title. While using ALT tag use the targeted keyword for the featured image so the search engine can identify the image and rank in the search results.

14| Blogger SEO Tips: Meta Tags

While doing SEO on blogger you don’t have SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO. So here you are doing work manually. So here you need to use Meta tags in the header section.

By the way, these are not too much important nowadays because Google is the major search engine and now it ignores these tags. So if you don’t have the idea about it then you can leave this. Furthermore, an article also published about it by Matt Cutts.

Still interested to add the meta tags then follow the below steps:

I| Dashboard

Open Blogger Dashboard » Template.


Now edit the HTML.

III| Find the Header

Now just find the head tag which will appear on the front of your eyes like <head>.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == &quot;;’>
 <meta content=’Blog description paste here but it should be UPTO 150 words‘ name=’description’/>
 <meta content=’Blog keywords place here and separate by commas‘ name=’keywords’/>

Lastly, you will replace the with your own blog.

IV| Save Template

Lastly, click on the save template.

15| Blogger SEO Tips: Section of Comment

If you are thinking to use this section according to the search engine’s instruction then you are going to rank your blog on the behalf of comments. Because the comments of BlogSpot is a machine which helps to generate keywords that help to give traffic and rank well on the major search engines.

Stop Spam Comments

When you will get higher ranking then obviously you will face spammers who will post spam comments on every post. So you need to make links NoFollow which got by the comments.

Don’t restrict to people for commenting. Just open the place to post comments on the posts. Because when you will make this place common then obviously you will get visits also to your site.

However, if you are getting comments which are not relevant to the post then disapprove this because it will create de-rank the post on the search engine.

Start Fighting Against Spam

Mostly, people use Black Hat SEO tips for ranking a blog post. Some tools like Scrape Box for auto posting the comments. Moreover, they use fake email generation and spam commenting via different proxies. So due to this, you are failed to recognize who is posting on your blog. By the way, here few tricks are discussing to stop spam comments.

I| Make Restriction

Make restriction for the people while commenting the blog. By the way, you can fix the visitor’s identity while posting the blog.

Make Restriction


II| Comments Moderation

Now make a fix to comment moderation.

Comment Moderation

III| Word Verification Enable

Now you will enable Word verification for decreasing the spam comments. It will stop computer’s submitted comments.

Word Verification

The commenting system is a best for increasing the engagement on the blog. Moreover, the word count of every post also ranks for keywords. A bonus tip is to add targeted keyword while replying.

16| Blogger SEO Tips: Internal Linking

Internal linking is the important factor while On-Page SEO and without it, the site cannot rank on any search engine. Moreover, the page authority is depending on the On-Page SEO. Most of the SEO’s expert doing On-Page SEO very carefully because this is passing the link juice to the other web pages.

Before going to start internal linking you need to read here some important factors which you need to keep in mind while On-Page SEO.

  • Don’t link to those pages which are irrelevant to the page.
  • While linking use the keyword or phrase.
  • When you are linking images then the ALT tag will be the anchor text.
  • While making link make more than 3 to 4 words phrase.
  • Addition of the links blocks in the same place is a bad idea. So don’t follow this.
  • While doing internal linking don’t use the NoFollow tag.

It’s the best practice that you need to use minimum internal links because the search engine does not index all link from the same page. If you have a cluster of links then they will pass less link juice to other web pages. So let’s see how you can do internal linking wisely.

#1 Step Let’s Start Finding the Page Powers

Now the question arises about the paging power what? Page power is the authoritative pages of your website. Like as if your website main page is the most powerful page then find the second one.

Power Pages Features:
  • The page who has the higher authority of MOZ.
  • After it, the pages which have quality backlinks.
  • Which is ranked in the SERP’s.

Let’s see the way to find out the power pages of your blog/ website.

Just visit the MOZ Site Explorer and paste your website URL. Lastly, you will click on the search button.

Moz Site Explorer

Now just click on the left side on the Top Pages tab.

Top Pages

Here you will filter as 200 HTTP pages from the drop-down.

HTTP 200

Furthermore, you can consider all pages other than the main page. Lastly, just copy the blog’s post which is more power page.

# 2 Step: Analyzation of Power Page

Here you will start analyzation of the site. Like the Page Authority, Domain authority, internal links, and external links.

# 3 Step Internal Links

Lastly, you will take a step after the power page analyzation. If the page has low-level links like 404 error or irrelevant then remove from the page. By the way, Screaming Frog is a software which is offering services free for finding the 404 errors page.

Moreover, if the page which is an external link and placed on the top then move this to the bottom. The first link of the page must be the internal link. So it will pass the link juice and authority to the other web pages.

Now keep in mind add the links which are active and working properly. While internal linking don’t use “click here” or “read more” as anchor text. Because they will not rank your post.

As described earlier that if internal linking doing wisely then it will help to rank on the major search engine.

17| Blogger SEO Tips: DoFollow & NoFollow

While doing Search Engine Optimization the link building which is an internal or external play a vital role in the blog’s or website’s ranking. Google started to introduce NoFollow tag which for the advertisement links. Because if you want to stop passing the link juice to other web pages then you can use Nofollow attribute for stopping this.

Moreover, if you are using advertisement in the shape of banners, affiliate links then you need to use Nofollow attribute for these. Lastly, it will save your website or blog from the Google penalty from the latest update to Google.

NoFollow Attribute Usage Time

If you want to add Nofollow tag then it’s very easy you will use an attribute of HTML in the link and it will create NoFollow the link. An example regarding this also shares here.


That’s the way to add the Nofollow attribute in the link which relates to affiliate, advertisement or the low-quality web page. Keep in mind the low-level promotional link will decrease your site’s linking so use the NoFollow link to save your work.

DoFollow Attribute Usage Time

There are not set any special criteria for the DoFollow link. It can be created easily by adding the word DoFollow instead of NoFollow.

Now if you really want to rank your blog then you will give a big concentration on the usage of DoFollow links and NoFollow links. By the way, if you are using a page which is linked to your website then you don’t need to use the NoFollow attribute. By the way, you better understand about this which one is need ranking and which one not.

Lastly, if you want to make DoFollow link then you don’t need to use the DoFollow attribute in the link tag.

18| Heading Tags Role in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a less hard working if you can understand the basics of a well-coded page.

Google suggest using some tags to make more understandable your text. In the elements which are suggesting by the Google, the headings tag has more value.

Heading Tags What?

Heading tags are the way which makes a separation in the article. It divides the text into different sections and subsections.

There are 6 heading tags which are must to use in the post. Moreover, you can read here about it in depth:







H1 tag is using for the post title and it is most powerful tag while SEO.

<h1> POST’S TITLE </h1>

While searching by the search engine the title tag work as post’s title.

While using heading tag don’t use <h1> more than one time. Because you know and search engine also know that a post has only one title.

After the <h1> tag the <h2> is valuable heading in the post. These two headings make a separation in a section. Furthermore, Search Engine index the post on the behalf of <h2>.

By the way, there is no restriction for using the <h2>, you can use this tag more than one time. But it’s better to use separate two different topics.

After the <h2> tag the turn is <h3> tag which make the sub section of <h2>. Moreover, you can use as you desire after the <h2> heading tag.

Other tags will be used to show the subsection of the main section. Moreover, all heading tag has specific value while indexing and the good content writer use all tags while writing a powerful post.

Just understand an example:

If you have used for the Blogger SEO tips as <h2> then Internal linking and external linking will be the <h3> tag. After it NoFollow & DoFollow will be the <h4> headings tag.

Add Headings Tag for Posts/ Static Pages

There is zero difficulty for adding the heading tags in the posts/ static pages. Here you will get a built-in tool from the blogger.

Headings tag

You can increase organic visits to your site easily by adding appropriate heading tags. While SEO these tricks working perfectly and also used by the SEO’s expert.

19| Blogger SEO Tips: Breadcrumbs


Google evaluate many things in SERP. Every day they make a change in the Google search results. At one time they prefer to add the author’s picture in the SERP’s. Breadcrumb is a preferable element which is preferring by all eCommerce sites and also by Google.

Why Google Prefer Breadcrumb?

Breadcrumbs help to the search engine which is mentioned here below:

  • It helps the search engine to highlight the targeted keyword.
  • After it, adds the content relevancy of all web pages.
  • Moreover, it highlights the anchor text linking to the specific category and it increases the click-through rate.

Breadcrumbs help the visitors here as under:

  • It forced to the visitor for click on the title or a link. Due to this, the CTR of the page gets higher and higher.
  • Furthermore, is the best guide for the visitor who tells the visitor that what he/ she is he seeking?
  • Lastly, it is increasing internal links in the results of the search engine.

Now if you want to use the Breadcrumb then you need to check your website. Because if your site does not have an option for Breadcrumb then you cannot use. By the way, you can read here the suggestion by the Google about Breadcrumb Google webmaster support.

20| Use Custom Robots Header Tags For More SEO Optimization

The Blogger’s developers introduced custom robots header tag for more grip on the search appearance. You can control the blog’s pages and posts by using this awesome tool.

By using the custom robots header tags you are protecting your web pages from the search result. Now let’s see an example if you want to make no index archive pages then you can add no index.

Start Settings of Custom Robots Header Tags

Let’s see the way to use the custom Robots header tag while using the Blogger.

I| Sign in To Blogger

First of all, sign in to the account of Blogger.

II| Open Search Appearance

Secondly, click on the settings » Search Preference.

Here you will click on the “edit” link which is showing in the below picture also.

Custom robots header tag

III| Enable Custom robots Header Tag

When you will click on the edit link. Here you will get a message to enable the custom robots header. Now just click on the Yes button and follow the below image. Moreover, in this option, you are doing the SEO settings like you are doing in the WordPress via SEO plugin.

Enable Custom robots Header Tag

IV| Save Changes

At the end, you will click on the orange button of save changes.

If you want to away from duplicate content issue then you need to no-index the archive pages. Moreover, custom robots header tags will save your website from duplicate content showing in the search results of the search engine.

21| Blogger SEO Tips: Custom robots.txt

Robots.txt is an important built-in tool for Blogger while doing SEO. While doing working in the robots.txt file of your site keep your eyes and mind open because your site indexing is depending on this. Due to your little mistake, you can lose your site’s ranking.

Robots.txt File

Robots.txt is a file which is hosted on the server of the blogger. Basically, it is the indicator which tells the search engine about your website crawling etc. Furthermore, we use custom header tag to index and no index the posts which are important and not.

If you have a fix that you don’t need to index the specific post then search engine spider or bots will pick this. Therefore, the robots.txt file is an important file on the blog or website.

Best Way To Improve the robots.txt File

Robots.txt file gives permission to no-index the low-level pages from crawling by bots or spiders etc. By the way, here is some sample of robots.txt file:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Moreover, the best robots.txt file is the below which is using mostly good bloggers.

User-agent: *

Way To Edit the robots.txt File in Blogger

Now the way to edit the robots.txt file in the Blogger. Let’s see the guide step by step which is given here below:

I| Sign in

First of all, you will log in to the blogger account.

II| Open Settings

Now here you will open Settings » Search Preference » Crawlers & Indexing »Custom robots.txt.

Here you will get a message to edit this or no? Just click on the Yes check box.

III| Past the Code

The best way is that you don’t need to edit this file here. Because search engine is better to know what to pick and what to leave. By the way, you know Google and other search engines are sharp now. Now if you want to edit this then all depends on you and you can paste here your custom coding.

Paste Code Robots.txt

IV| Save It

At the end, you will click on the save changes button and enjoy the custom robots.txt file.

V| Robots.txt File Check

After addition of the coding in the robots.txt, the last step is to check the file. Just paste the URL of your website into the web browser’s address bar. The file of your blog will appear in the browser.

VI| Text robots.txt File

Moreover, you can test also your site’s robots.txt file. Why do you need to check? Just for checking the search engine is really accessing your site or not? Google webmaster tool is offering a free tool which is accessible here: test Robots.TXT file.

22| Blogger SEO Tips: RSS Feed Setup

There are unlimited ways to offer your visitors to subscribe the blog. But nowadays, blogger prefer to build the audience from social networking sites. By the way, another way to build your site’s audience is an email marketing. Furthermore, still give preference to build the audience via RSS feed still.

If you are also interesting to build your audience via RSS Feed then FeedBurner will help you to build. RSS Feed is not building your audience only, it also builds your site’s ranking by the major search engines.

Set Noindex Feedburner Content

If you are allowing the Feedburner to index the content then you will face different problems like duplicate content etc. So you need to no-index the RSS feed in Feedburner.

I| Login to The Feedburner

First of all, you will sign in to the Feedburner account.

II| Navigate To Publicize

Here you will click on the RSS feed title » Publicize » Noindex.

Here you will choose the option “indicate that your feed should not be indexed by search engines”. At the end, you will activate this option and click on the save button.

Noindex Feedburner

Summary Blogger SEO Tips

Blogger SEO Tips is not a difficult way if you are following the search engine optimization as better as you can. Now if you want to make your site ranking better then you need to optimize your site better optimize from the competitor’s site.

That’s why you have learned the blogger SEO tips in depth. By the way, the above SEO strategies and some On-Page tips will help you to increase site traffic and improve the site’s quality.

Now Your Turn

Here we have tried to tell you the best search engine optimization tips which will optimize your blog and the performance of SEO. By the way, if you like this then don’t forget to apply these tips to your blog and leave comments in the comment section. Moreover, it’s our pleasure if you will share these strategies/ guide with your friends.

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