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Getting Start Free Website With Google Blogger

Getting Start Free Website With Google Blogger

Google has started a free tool having the name of Blogger for the purpose of free websites. It’s easy finding out by the searching name of Blogger on the web. If you see the old version of Blogger then it has a logo but now the newest version is a flexible and the best way to promote your business without investing on a website.

You can start your free website forever and the ranking of Blogger is more than better from other paid sites. The big advantage of using this, that is totally free like hosting, AdSense and analytics. The second benefit of this service is that you don’t need to approve your site from Google AdSense.

Let’s Start Free Website With Google Blogger

You can start a free website with Blogger, if you don’t have a business then you can write posts on your friends, political news, entertainment news or your experience with technology news. Here you can add contributors as you like and earn money online without investing a money.

After creating your website on this, if you are not satisfied and published many articles then you can move to WordPress or on other blogging platforms. It’s a very great chance for those who want to online their business or ideas in free of cost.

Now Setting Up Your Blog

While setting up your blog you need to follow three simple steps.

First of all create an account, after it gives the name of your blog and selects the template. If you have created a Google account then you can host more than 1 blog in an account. The blog’s name will make the separation between your multiple blogs.

Host Your First Blog

Let’s host your first blog and earn money without investing moneyafter hosting the blog your blog URL will be “”. If you want to start to use the default URL otherwise you can also purchase your own domain with your own name. But for this, you will pay for a year and these charges include SSL and hosting amount. However, while hosting your blog with Google you don’t need to worry about your site’s down or other issues like Bandwidth or site crashing etc. Because their services are incredible and they have set up well from others.

Start Posting Now

Once you have completed the hosting blog you will see the Google’s editor with the name of WYSIWYG. However, if you know HTML then you can also toggle this. In the posting area, you are free to embed posts, tweets, and media. In this editor, the only javascript is restricted other all type of media is acceptable. Furthermore, you need to read the Google Docs for posting your first post on Blogger.

Let’s Email Your Posts

If you want to post on Blogger via Email then you will configure the settings and input the email which is secret.

Post Pictures on Blogger

Google give permission to you post pictures from your PC. You can post pictures via drag and drop option. However, for a successful blog, you need to read Google guidelines about photos. If you want to embed YouTube videos then it’s also possible too.


If you want to start a professional website with Google Blogger then can choose the default templates of Google but if you want to upload your own then it’s also possible. However, free and premium blogger themes available on the web.

Promote Your Blog On Social Media

You can promote your posts and blog on the social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+. Here your post will auto share when you will click on the Publish button.

Blog Theme

After choosing the blog name, a bundle of themes will appear on the front of you. You will select a theme and click on the next button, however, the theme is changeable after selecting. While choosing the theme to keep in mind this is the first look of your blog and it must be attractive.

Furthermore, if you can create your own theme then it’s also possible. For this purpose, you need to know the knowledge of HTML, CSS and web designing. However, you can also search on the web, there are many people who offer their services for web designing.

In the theme, you can make a look of your theme awesome by dragging and dropping the widgets and the lists of posts etc. to your blog.

Start Earning Money Online

After completion of designing the blog, you can start earning money online. You will link this blog to your AdSense account and Google ads will start auto on your blog. Now a number of ads depend on your blog’s popularity. If your site is so popular and easily findable then it will generate a handsome amount. However, if you want to remove ads then it’s also possible.

Post Via Mobile

If you want to post on your blog via Cell Phone then it’s also possible. You can post pictures by accessing your cell phone. However, Google has not announced till now the voice post from the mobile. But in future, it will be announced.


Here you also have privacy option, you can make your blog private and it can be accessible to your friends and family. Furthermore, your posts can be private from the public also.

Here is an issue you can not set the level of privacy for an individual post. While keeping private it will implement on the whole blog. However, if you have made your blog private then Google will ask the email and after it gives him access to read the post.


While posting on the Blogger you have the advantage to make a label on every post. A small label will appear on those posts where you have to make the label. This is a plus point for your blog because a post is easy to understandable via labels.


Lastly, if you are really serious about the blogger then you need to start free first and after the popularity, you need to get your own space. Meantime you need to focus on regular base posting because it will attract the audience to visit your blog.

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