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Change Primary Email Address In Blogger

Change Primary Email Address In Blogger

Learn how to change primary email address in Blogger? Blogger is a way to earn from the internet at home but in blogger. Some things restricted like you cannot change email id or you cannot give access to any person directly. First, you will invite and if he will accept your invitation.

Then you can add a new person or remove the old person. Minimum one email id is compulsory. If you want to change login email address in blogger. Then you need to use another email address. Because in blogger without new Gmail id you cannot send an invitation to a new person. So if you want to add a new author in your blogger account. Then create one more Gmail account for this purpose.

How To Change Primary Email Address Step By Step?

Now see how to change primary email address step by step? In the start, I have told you if you want to change your email address from blogger. Then you need a new Gmail id. So if you have created then good otherwise create first. After creation, you will invite him by using the new email address which you want to add. He will accept your invitation and then you can make his primary email address or which you want.

  • First of all Login your Blogger account by email id which you are using.
  • When you log in, you see Blogger Dashboard » Setting » Basis. In permission tab, you will see Bog authors. No click on Add authors and hit send an invitation to a new person.

Change Primary Email Address

  • You will receive an email in your Gmail account like as under. Hit Accept invitation now you will redirect to blogger.

Change Primary Email Address

  • Now login blogger’s account using new Gmail account. And again go to Setting » Basis » Permission. Remove your old email account.

Lastly,  you have read that how to change primary email address in Blogger. This was the simple and easiest way which I have discussed with you to change login email address in blogger. I hope now next time you will able to do without any tutorial. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. I hope you like this also How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform For You?

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