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How To Check My Website Server IP Address?

If you want to check website server IP address. Then here I am sharing to find server IP address with pictures. I hope you will understand because I am sharing a picture with every step. Today I will tell you how to check website IP using CMD, also known as MS Doss. We will check website IP by sending Ping from our computer. This is not difficult it consist of simple three easy steps. Just follow me and enjoy. Read Also IP Canonicalization Test And Fix Method With Pictures.

Check Website Server IP Address

Let’s read about the way how to check website server IP address. It’s essential to know because while logging in via different methods we need this. So let’s read and enjoy…

  • First press Windows button + R. Windows button you can find on the left side of space button. Run dialog box open. Just write cmd and press ok.

Run command

  • A black window open. Now write ping space Website name and press enter. Also shown as below picture.

Send ping using CMD

This was the answer to your question how do I find my server address? I hope you have understood. Don’t forget to subscribe for the latest posts. Want to read How To Fix Your Payments Are Currently On Hold By Google AdSense?

Lastly, I have shared the method to check website server IP address. I hope you have understood if you face any difficulty then don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter. However, If you face any difficulty then leave your comment in the comment section. You can also send us an email by click on the Contact Us from the Menu bar.

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