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The Secret To Check Website Theme/ Plugins Someone Is?

At the end of this article, you will able to check website theme and check website plugins are using by top bloggers and business’s websites. Often a good blogger keeps in mind about SEO, Security and the good view of a site while starting. Because without it, that’s impossible to get higher ranking on major search engines. Site’s theme plays a big role for a site which can be business or a blog. If your site is not responsive then search engine discourage this and if your site’s view is not good then it will cause of boring for readers.

So here I will tell you if you like another blog’s site or business site. Then how you can check website theme is used by him. After it, you will able to own this template for your blog or business website.

Check Website Theme Is This Used Via Online Tool

Now just read how to check which theme is this via online tool? Furthermore, some sites are offering this feature in which you can see the theme’s name and details about it. Some sites names are given as under:

What Theme To Check Website Theme


What Theme is a tool to check which WordPress theme is used by other popular blogs? Just visit the site and place site’s URL and after it clicks on the search icon. It will give you details which you want to know. After it, if you like then own this by the given medium.

WP Theme Detector To Check Website Theme


WP Theme Detector is another great tool to check website theme. It’s a popular site and you can search this by placing name in the search bar. It will show on the top of the search results. After it, copy the URL and place it in the search bar. It will give you the details and the maker of the theme also. You can access site by click on the link which it will give you.

ScanWP To Check Website Theme


ScanWP also a pretty solution to check Website theme. Keep in mind it’s not necessary that you can check only WordPress website’s themes. You can know Joomla theme and Drupal theme also by the usage of this tool. Then why are you waiting just visit and grab your favorite theme?

Built With To Check Website Theme


In case of not satisfying from the above tools then Built With will help you to check website theme. Visit and insert website’s URL. Lastly, get information and enjoy. You can know every blogging platform information not just WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. So why are you waiting now just visit? Now interest then use Chrome extensions which are here as under:

Check Which Theme Is This Used By Chrome Extension

Another great method to check which theme is this used by via Chrome extension. A great way if you are not satisfied with online tools is Chrome extensions. By the usage of Chrome browser, you will able to check which theme is used? Just open the browser and Add extension.

  • From your right corner of Chrome browser click on the line like showing below:

Install extension first step

  • After it, the setting will open just click on Extension tab and install require extension.


  • Scroll down and click on Get more extensions.

Get More Extensions

  • Search for the extension and download it.

Add to chrome

Now just search for the below extensions in which you have interest.

Chrome Sniffer Plus To Check Website Plugins

Chrome Sniffer Plus

Chrome Sniffer Plus is also the best chrome extension the users of the extension is 26,149 users. Rating of this extension is 4.5 and the plugin proof to check website plugins.


Page Xray To Check Website Plugins

Page Xray

Page Xray is another best extension of Chrome. The active users of this extension are 7,848 and the rating of this plugin is 3.5 which given by 46 users. So if you like this then install by the above method and enjoy.

WPSniffer To Check Website Plugins

WP Sniffer

WPSniffer – WordPress Themes is a chrome extension to check Website theme and plugin. So just install and know the details of template and plugin. The active users of this extension are 22,679 now and 3.1 rating. Rated by 52 users.

 Check Website Plugins and Theme Via Chrome Browser

Lastly, if you are not satisfied by above steps then use Chrome browser and check website plugins and theme. For this purpose, you need to go in developer tools by showing the below method:


Don’t forget to open site first and after it open developer tools. Now from the list just click on wp-content and you will able to check website plugins/check website theme.


Bonus Tip to Check Website Plugins / Check Website Theme by View-Source Method

Lastly, if you also dislike the above all methods then this will work for you. Now just open the browser and type here you will find coding. Just press CTRL+F and paste the below line:

If you want to check plugins then paste the below lines:


But if you want to check website theme then paste the below line:


I have shared some method to check website plugins and themes. I hope you understood it. If you face difficulty then leave a comment and share your thought. Why have I shared this method to check website theme and plugins? Because this is the first impression of the site which you are giving to your reader and search engine. When your site’s theme is not working well then how to expect to rank? So therefore first check popular blogger’s site theme and after it owns and online your website.

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