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Copy Table Data From One Database To Another In MySQL?

In this article, I will try to understand how to copy table data from one database to another in MYSQL? First take backup of your MySQL database and after that work on it. Because your little mistake destroys your whole work of years. So first take a backup like below method:

Take Backup Of MySQL Database Via PHPMyAdmin

Just see how to copy table data to another table of MySQL?

  • Second Login your CPanel account.
  • After entering in public HTML folder search phpMyAdmin.
  • Now select the database from left side drop down list.




After clicking on ‘Go’ button a file will download.

Copy Table Data To Another Table Of MySQL

Now see the best method to copy table date to another table of MySQL database. Let’s start to move tables data from one database to your desired location in MySQL. For this purpose just follow like shown bellow. If you need all data then export all tables but if you need some tables then select your desired tables. The technique is shown below also.


Now export this like above method. Now just log in your that account where you want to paste this. Just click on import button which has placed with an export button. This was the technique of copy MySQL table from one phpMyAdmin database section to desired location. While moving tables from your CPanel to another one. Read also Optimize MySQL Database Through WP-Optimize Plugin?

First, save you all work because your bit mistake destroys all your articles. If you are trying to work on File Manager then download WP-Content folder because all pictures of your website saved in this folder. And all articles, comments, and links etc. save in your database.

This was the method of copy table data from one location to another. If you face any difficulty you can contact us with our expert by sending mail on our email id “”. An agent will contact you within 24 hours. You can also leave a comment about your issue.

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