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Courier Companies In Pakistan And Pakistan Post

Courier companies in Pakistan and Pakistan Post: If you go some years ago then you can imagine that only telegram and letters were sent out via different post offices. If you want to send out an immediate message then you will send a telegram. There is no other way of communication. With the passage of time courier companies took a stand and start to fool people with different services. Like the TCS, Leopard Courier, M&P etc.

It’s not just mine experience it’s the experience of all Pakistanis who are working with courier companies. In the start, they work best but after the expansion of the business they start just earning and forget the main purpose of the company stand. You may read it: Genuine Persian Rugs Handmade Oriental Rugs.

Courier Companies In Pakistan And Pakistan Post

We are reading some posts on Facebook, Quora and other platforms where every third Pakistani want to know the best courier companies in Pakistan. Many blogs have written many articles in which they have mentioned TCS, Leopard Courier, Call Courier, M&P etc.

The main purpose of this article is to aware yourself about the Pakistan Post. TCS, Leopard Courier, Call Courier, M&P etc. has hired a staff which does not have the idea about the customer dealing. If the customer-facing issue then what to do? If you are working with any private company then they will switch off their cell phone when you will call 2-3 times regarding your issue. First of all, you are working in the Cash on the delivery account then you will wait for your payment for a long time.

No one will ready to help you even they have hired stupid management who does not have ethics to talk with the customer. Now we will discuss their rates. Now the current year 2018 their rates start from 120 and the end up is 180.

In which you will add Fuel and Sales Tax and the total amount will be approx. 210-280. It’s the current situation and the rates will increase with the passage of time.

Best Courier Companies In Pakistan And Pakistan Post

Now we will comparison between best courier companies in Pakistan and Pakistan Post. If you are facing any issue you will write an application on the name of Cheif Post Master and submit it to the post office. Your issues will be resolved by standing an inquiry against the staff. Rates started from 70-100 with sales tax and all other charges. The timing will be the same. If you are sending a parcel in Peshawar from Punjab then it will take 4-5 working days.

The same criteria offered by private companies. Now depending on you about it. The second option offering by the Pakistan Post is this, you can submit your letterhead with the responsibility of your mail. They will offer a discount of 20 Rupees per packet.  Now you can enjoy 250GM in 50 and 500GM in 70.

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