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Succeed With CPanel Fix File Permissions In 10 Minutes

I have succeeded with CPanel fix file permissions in 10 minutes. Now I am sharing this with you so you can also rid of this error. Furthermore, every file and folder have specific permission which tells which file or folder is writeable, readable and executable. However, a file or folder create in CPanel then auto file permission creates for this. But with the passage of time due to uploading and updating permissions may change.

So see here the method of fix file permissions as below:

CPanel Fix File Permissions

Files or folders permission changeable via CPanel and FileZilla. So just view and check it, we will go to change file permissions.

Change File Permissions

In the above image, you have seen file and folders permissions. Keep in mind permissions of folders and files must be like shown below:

Public_html – 750

Folders – 755

CGI and Perl scripts – 755

.html .php and other document types – 644

What Happen When File Permissions Goes Wrong

When file permissions go wrong then you are giving access to a common user to hack your site. You also get different frustrating errors.

Note: 777 file permission mean the file or folder is readable, writeable and executable by any person. However, if you are seeing this permission then change it. You can see file permission in the above uploaded image. Furthermore, CPanel fixes home directory permissions also because this is your root directory and it’s very sensitive.

Change CPanel public_html Permissions

It is not difficult to change public_html permissions. You can change by accessing FTP account or CPanel account. Just visit and select the file or folder and select change permissions. After it writes permission and saves changes.

Select Change Permissions

Change Permissions


This was the method to CPanel fix file permissions. Because it’s sensitive issue so check your root directory is it correctly configures or not? Because due to your little carelessness you can lose your site. However, if you face any difficulty you can contact your host some hosting companies are cooperative and they can CPanel fix file permissions for you.

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