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How To Create YouTube Channel? – Step by Step Method

Start To Grow Your Subscribers Now by Create YouTube Channel

Today I am discussing that how to create YouTube Channel for a business or for the purpose of earning money online by uploading videos to the YouTube. If you want to enlist your name in the list of earners who earn from YouTube by uploading videos then you need to create a YouTube Channel which will help you to earn online money.

Google has owned the YouTube and it has billions user around the world. On daily basis, millions of videos watched on the YouTube by different areas of the world. According to my research, 9% businesses are using YouTube for their business activates.

The reality is that the video is the cheapest way to boost your business and easy to create and publish. That’s mean if you want to rank your business worldwide then YouTube will help you.

If you have no idea about this then the post has been publishing for you in which you will learn:

  1. Think about the unique name
  2. Creating Google account
  3. Create a YouTube Channel
  4. YouTube Channel Art
  5. Ideas to optimize YouTube Channel

Are you ready for this? Let’s Go!

How To Create YouTube Channel?

You will do 6 simple steps to create YouTube Channel for earning money online.

1| Think About Unique Name

The first step is to think about the unique name which can easily searchable by your name or business name. While thinking about the channel name, think the name which is like that to those videos which will upload to your channel. For example, if you want to upload videos regarding Islam then the name should be decent and relates to Islam. After it, the name should be easy so the visitor can remember this for long period. Because the name of the channel will not change after creating. So think with patience and mind.

 2| Create Gmail Account

The second step is to create Gmail account for Sign up to YouTube. If you know then create a Gmail account otherwise you can get help by click on the link:    (Create Gmail Account)

Do you know if you have Google account then you can comment and share on YouTube? However, Google account cannot get YouTube Channel automatically. So you need to create this by following simple steps.

3| Visit YouTube

In this step you will visit YouTube site and hit on the ‘Sign in’ button which is showing in the right top corner of the screen:

Sign in to YouTube
Sign in to YouTube

Now you will get a screen which is showing below, just enter your account details and sign in to your account.

Sign in Via Google Account
Sign in Via Google Account

I| Setting Up Your YouTube Channel Account

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel Account
Setting Up Your YouTube Channel Account

II| Create Your Channel Now

After opening the settings you will see create a Channel advanced, just click on this:


Create Your Channel Now
Create a Channel Advanced

Here you will find two option a channel want to create personal or for business? So I will choose the business’s option:

YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel

Here you will choose a category for your channel and brand etc. Furthermore, options available in the channel are as under:

  • Product or brand
  • Company or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

However, while creating this a Google+ page will also create for you.

Congratulations! You have finished to create YouTube Channel. You will see also a notification on the upper side of the screen.

Now the turn to fill the relevant information and create a channel art so the channel is looking awesome to the visitors.

4| How To Create YouTube Channel Art?

YouTube Channel Art is an essential area of YouTube because without this your channel looking incomplete so it’s necessary like the Facebook cover photo.

Here an example of Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube Channel art.


So what you need to create an awesome YouTube Channel Art?

I| YouTube Channel Art Sizes

You need to upload that size which can work on all type of devices like tablet, mobile phone etc. YouTube recommends uploading 2560×1440 pixel image for YouTube Channel art.

  • The width for YouTube Channel art recommend by YouTube is 2048 x 1152 pixels. However, this is the best area where your logos or other text will not cut off while showing on different devices.
  • Maximum width recommended by YouTube is 2560 x 423 pixels that are mean now your uploaded picture will display according to the browser’s width.
  • Maximum 4 MB can be uploaded or less than.

Furthermore, if you want to pick pre-configured layout then you can select from YouTube Channel Art Templates. These templates are available in PNG and PSD formats.

YouTube Channel art templates

II| How To Make Awesome YouTube Channel Art?

If you have finished the configuration of YouTube Channel, now you are seeing a blank area on the top of the screen.

Blank Area

When you will click on the button you will get an area for upload a picture for your YouTube Channel art. Furthermore, you can pick from Google+ photos or YouTube default template.

i| Crop the Image

After uploading a picture to your YouTube Channel art then it will allow adjusting this by cropping the image. You will crop with free cropping tool and also see on different devices how’s looking your selecting area. Once you finished the cropping just choose the ‘Select’ option and it added to your YouTube Channel art.

ii| How To Change YouTube Channel Art?

If you have already uploaded YouTube Channel art and want to change this then you can follow the below given steps.

Just click on the right top corner on the pencil.

Edit YouTube Channel Art

After click on the pencil icon, you will able to upload new YouTube Channel art image.

III| How To Upload Icon For Your YouTube Channel Profile?

When you create a profile on any social media website then you have the option to upload a profile pic or business icon to your profile. So the people can easily find your business or profile on the web. The icon’s size recommended by YouTube is 800 x 800 pixels and formats are allows JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG file (It does not GIFs).

Now if you want to update your channel’s icon then click on the pencil which is showing the left top area of the screen and upload the icon or profile pic to your YouTube channel.

5| How To Optimize YouTube Channel Visibility on YouTube & Google?

I| Optimize Description After Create YouTube Channel

After create YouTube Channel it gives you permission to write a summary of your channel. So you need to write maximum 1000 characters. Due to this your channel’s visibility be confirmed.

Keep in mind it will not show to visitors, it will only for the search engine so the search engine can rank your channel. A good description contains long tail keywords relates with your channel.

II| Add Social Icons

Add Social Icons

If you know how to add social links to your YouTube Channel then good otherwise I will tell you how to add profile links to your YouTube Channel art?

i| Open Settings

First, visit your channel and click on the setting button which is showing in the below picture:

Setting YouTube Channel

ii| Enable Customize the Layout Option

Now you will see a pop up here you will select ‘Customize the layout of your channel’.

Pop up Open

iii| Edit Links

After enable the customize option just come back and click on ‘Edit Links’.

Edit Links

After click on the ‘Edit Links” option, you will reach ‘About’ section. Now you have the option to add links and will show in the lower right corner.

Add Links

iv| Add Trailer To Your Channel

Now the time to add a trailer to your channel so the subscriber can know the reason why they subscribe your channel? Now in the trailer, you will add the content which your channel contains. Because this is the best way to describe your channel idea with the visitors.

A trailer idea is as given below:

v| Add Details So Subscribers Can Contact You

Now the last step is to add your business details. Because this is a plus point for your channel. YouTube has an option to add contact details. If people want to know something which is not on your channel then can easily ask by contacting you.

You can find this in the ‘About’ section of the channel’s area. For adding contact details just visit your channel area and click on ‘About’ from the navigation. Just scroll down and ‘Details’ section will appear. Here you will enter your contact details.

Contact details

You have learned the way to create YouTube Channel and how can you improve your YouTube Channel. If you like this then share with your friends and like us on Facebook.

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