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Notice: Your Deleted Messages Still Readable WhatsApp

Notice: Your Deleted Messages Still Readable WhatsApp

Notice: Your Deleted Messages Still Readable Whatsapp: If you are thinking that when you delete any message from Whatsapp by selecting the option to delete for everyone. Then you are wrong because the message you are removing for everyone basically deleted from your phone not everyone.

Moreover, some months ago Whatsapp has introduced an option to delete any message for everyone. By this option, you are able to delete those message which is not read by the receiver. By the way, if you have send any picture/ video and the receiver has watched the video or seen the picture. Then you are able to delete this both.

A big scam on the back of this is that the both sender and receiver has the same version of Whatsapp. If you have the latest version and the receiver has old then it will delete but not from both phones.

Notice: Your Deleted Messages Still Readable Whatsapp

However, if the deleted message is quoted by any person in personal chat or a group and you have deleted this message for everyone. Then it will available.

Still, Your Friend Can Embarrass

Suppose, if you have sent a message and your friend immediately quote this message. Now you have removed this message but it will still in the group or a personal chat. So while doing chat you need to conscious about it.
But if you are thinking that maybe this is wrong then you can see an example snapshot which is hereunder:

Whatsapp Deleted Message

The “Blabla test” message deleted but if you see the quoted text available on the receiver’s phones.

By the way, Whatsapp has not covered this issue by the way we hope they will take action soon so the secrecy can be covered continuously.

At the end, you have read the notice your deleted messages still readable WhatsApp. If you like this then share this with friends. However, we hope you will like the below-listed articles also:

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