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Difference Between And Org?

In this article, we will talk difference between and org. The meaning of org is When a person starts a blog then he confuses which one is better among and In this article, we will give you an infographic about vs In the last of this article, we will also suggest a best blogging platform. Let’s see the difference between and org. Which one is better for blogging?  You can see more clearly in the infographic. There are many debates running on the web. So, therefore, you can judge the best one from the infographic.

Infographic (Difference Between and Org)

Just read infographic (difference between and org). On above paragraph, I have told it’s a challenging question for beginners. Which one is the better from and Now see an infographic of and below.



From the above infographic and the difference between and org. is better from because if you see then only 2-3 features are free but no space and if you get space then it is most expensive. In you can take or do anything any type. Most hosting is offering unmetered disk space and bandwidth. So I will suggest you choose Are you impressed from then just see here how to switch your website from to

Difference Between And org With Pros And Cons

Now just see a difference between and org.

Know more about
  • Easy to use and understandable.
  • You have full control on your data. No person can snatch your website from your control. If you do any illegal activity then your site will ban but your data will save in that situation also.
  • Unlimited access to use plugins and uploads.
  • Theme modification is acceptable and also have the choice to upload unlimited themes.
  • You have the option to earn money by displaying ads of AdSense or Google AdSense alternatives.
  • You have the choice to track your website by using any service.
  • For you need a good web hosting because your site depends on hosting so in the start you need to consume $3 – $7 by choosing good hosting for WordPress.
  • Upgradation is not hard just need a click.
  • In you are responsible for everything from backup, security, SPAM prevention.
Know More about
  • It is offering up to 3 GB space in the free version. If you have consumed all space then submit a request for more space. Space rates (for 5 GB per year in $19.95) and (for 100 GB per year in $289.97)
  • It will take backup regularly.
  • They will display ads on your free version if you want to stop these ads then pay $29.97 per year for ads free site.
  • You don’t have permission to show ads on your website before 25,000 page views per month. After 25000 page views, you will apply for ads this is free after that ad will run automatically.
  • No permission to use plugins. If you want to use plugins then you will pay $3750 per month. This is not kidding.
  • No permission to use custom themes. If you want to upgrade then they will charge $30 per year.
  • No permission to use analytics program.
  • If you will violate any condition then they will remove your website without permission.
  • Without permission, they can change your theme.

Which Will Best For You ( OR

Now see here which will best for your among and Here our suggestion is but if you don’t have a concern with earning money from the blog then will better but if you want to prove yourself in the world and be a famous blogger then is better.

People say self-hosted is costly but it is cheaper if you compete among .com and .org.

Let’s see here, custom domain $17 per year, for ad-free site $29.97 per year and custom upgrade design $30. Total expense is $76.97 per year and after that, you don’t have full access.

Let’s see here, hosting expense $3.95 per month and expense of domain is $10 to $15 per year. Total expense $57.4 per year. And you have full access to your website. If any loss occurs then you will responsible because a loss will occur when you will do any illegal activity with your website.

See here how to create a blog? Both blogging platforms have the same dashboard. We and all expert prefer because in which you have full access to your website. I hope you have understood the difference between and org. You have read infographic also and I hope now you can take decision easily. Don’t forget to share this on social media sites.

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