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Backlinking is a great technique to rank higher any website. But sometimes it makes panic for you because all search engines hate spamming. Now, first of all, learn the difference between DoFollow backlink and NoFollow backlink.

Difference Between DoFollow Backlink and NoFollow Backlink

Backlinks have two major types: DoFollow Backlink

DoFollow Backlink

NoFollow Backlink

DoFollow Backlink has a complex definition and I will try to tell you the concept of this type of backlink. If a site use rel=”dofollow” attribute in the link then it will be a dofollow backlink. However, if you leave the link without rel attribute then it will also dofollow. This type of link boosts a website. Furthermore, see an example which is here under:

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>……….</a>
<a href=””>……….</a>

Above both is dofollow backlink. It’s not necessary to place rel attribute in a link to make this dofollow.

NoFollow Backlink also needs rel=”nofollow” attribute in a link. If a link has not nofollow attribute then it will be a dofollow backlink. So it’s necessary to use nofollow attribute when you want to make nofollow backlink. Often links are nofollow which place in the comment section. Nofollow backlink has no benefit and no loss. So if you want to rank higher a website then increase dofollow backlink.

How To Build DoFollow Backlink For My Site?

There are uncounted websites for making dofollow backlinks. However, you can build dofollow backlink from Article Directories, Web 2.0 and forums.

If you want to get a better result from the search engine then don’t focus on one side, like if you are creating on article directories. Then you must need to create on web 2.0 and forums.

Dofollow Backlink Creation Sources For Higher Ranking

If you want to get a dofollow backlink for your website then I can give you an idea. After it, the next step depends on you. I will not suggest to building backlink from the irrelevant site. If your blog belongs fitness then don’t create a backlink from SEO blog. Because it’s spam and I also told you that every search engine hates spamming. Now just see the method of creating quality dofollow backlinks. Build Backlinks in 2017

Get Dofollow Backlink from Facebook by creating Fascinating Facebook Page.

Get quality backlink from Google Plus.

The method of getting a backlink from

Other Sources To Get Dofollow Backlink

You can create a blog on blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and another web 2.0 profiles. Now visit these sites and submit quality content with your site’s backlink. It’s also helpful for getting quality backlink from high page rank website.

Furthermore, you can also get a dofollow backlink from:

BlogAdda         CodeCademy         CopyRighted        AllTop         Indugy        Ted          Eventful

Now just simply visit the above sites and create an account. After it, place your site’s link in the profile when they have asked. Now when you will leave a comment or start a question a dofollow backlink will create for your site.

Backlinks play a positive role in the site’s ranking. If you don’t have then your quality content will not come on the first page. So today I will reveal a method to get a dofollow backlink from Facebook. Facebook is a popular social media site and having 9-page rank. Now just see the method for getting a dofollow backlink from Facebook. Before sharing the method I want to share a hidden strategy about site’s ranking.

Google change site’s ranking graph in which nowadays prefer quality content also. If you don’t have quality content then obviously post’s ranking will difficult. I am saying difficult, not impossible because with the help of backlinks you can rank. But backlinks can penalize your website. When it will spammy and not relevant then you will get a kick from the Google.

So why are you not preferring quality content? Furthermore, increase quality backlinks by sharing on Social bookmarking sites and blogs. If you write quality content and share on social bookmarking sites. Then you don’t need to worry about ranking. Because Google leaves when it rank posts on the base of backlinking.

Bonus Tip! Get Dofollow Backlink From Facebook

Now see the method to get a dofollow backlink from Facebook. Just follow the below steps for getting the quality backlink from Facebook.

  • First, go to the below link and click on Add Static HTML to a Page.

Add Static HTML to a Page

  • The next turn is to select the page which you have created. If you don’t have then you can read here: Create Facebook Page. Lastly, hit on Add Page Tab.

Select page

  • If Facebook asks to verify your account then verify with the help of mobile number.Account verification
  • After verification, you need to Set Up Tab.

Set Up Tab

  • Lastly, remove all data which you will get.

Remove Text

  • If you know about HTML then you can use your own coding otherwise use the below code and change domain name with yours.
<a href="">Global Blurb Live // Boss Free Life</a>
<p>Global Blurb is a platform which is offering free <a href="">SEO tip, Beauty and Health tips, Interior designing</a> and <a href="">Celebrities</a>. You can enjoy discussion by accessing <a rel="dofollow" href="">General Topics tab</a>.</p>

Copy Code and paste


Lastly, you have read about the method to get a dofollow backlink from Facebook. If you face difficulty then don’t hesitate and speak your mind in the comment section. Maybe I can help you for getting a PR9 quality backlink from the popular social media site. If you like this then don’t forget to share with your friends. I hope you will also like the below supporting articles for boosting your website on major search engines.

Think Before Hiring a Professional

However, you have learned the method to create dofollow backlink for your website. If you want to hire a professional then don’t waste your money. Because they create with the help of software and software creates a backlink on irrelevant sites which consider spam.

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