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Download YouTube Videos in Just a Second

Download YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing

Download YouTube Videos in Just a Second: The purpose of YouTube is just to stream videos online, not to download it on your personal computer’s hard drive. But sometimes due to a good reason you need to download these ones to watch offline on your personal computer.

Because sometimes you want to watch these ones while journey where you cannot switch to the data. Furthermore, you want to share this as a message to the public so you can make a good change in the society. YouTube is the most powerful channel regarding videos where anyone can share videos which are not copyrighted or restricted.

Whatever the reason, you can download YouTube videos by many ways. You can download YouTube videos on your personal computer, Mac, iOS, and Android. For downloading YouTube videos we will share a legal way and also tell you about this in explanation.

An Update regarding Download YouTube Videos

There were many YouTube videos downloading and conversion sites available on the web but they have been winding up due to copyright issues by Google.

Download YouTube Videos via TubeMate for Android

While using a software or a downloading tool from the web, use those ones which are updating regularly and clean from bugs. We have also chosen a platform which is really great and updates regularly. The name of this channel is TubeMate, that’s the best way to download YouTube videos on Android.

However, there is a problem because this is not accessible via Google Play Store. Because Google hates with YouTube videos downloader. So if you want to download videos on your Android then, first of all, give permission to install third-party apps on your Android.

Beware, while giving permission don’t install substandard apps or from local sites. Because they can hack or grab your personal data. Trust on those apps which are download from reputable sites.

How To Give Third-Party Apps Permission on Your Android Machine?

1. First of all, open settings and click on Security.

2. Find “Unknown Sources” and check this option.

Now the turn to download TubeMate downloader by visiting the website.

Download YouTube Videos via TubeMate for Android
Google hates YouTube Videos Downloader. So you need to give permission third-party apps. Just follow the above simple steps and give permission. But keep in mind don’t download apps from un-reputable sites.

While downloading apps from third-party sites, you will see a warning message. So just click on OK button and allow this once. After downloading just install this and open it.

It will look like a YouTube, just a frame will show around the app. You can surf and find out what you want? However, if you have found the video on the YouTube then just copy the URL of the video and click on Menu tab in TubeMate and paste the URL. After it, you will see a green color button of download. Lastly, click on it and you will see a progress bar (here you will read app “parsing video information” the mean of this line is that, now we are getting bits and pieces for creating a downloading clip for you.

Now on next step, you will see a list of different formats like audio, videos with resolution. If your device can support the highest resolution then click on the highest otherwise you can download low resolution. Keep in mind higher resolution will high MBS file. If your Android machine has less space than high MBS video will fill it quickly.

Download from TubeMate Downloader
While downloading videos from TubeMate downloader. Just paste the URL while clicking on Menu and paste URL. You will get green download button just click on it and you will get a list of formats and resolution. Less MBS file has less resolution.

Download YouTube Videos via TubeMate for iOS and MAC

If you are a user of Apple machine then the method of download YouTube videos is slightly different from Android. If you are a user of iOS on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen. Then follow the first method. However, if you are a user of OS X or MacOS on Mac then follow the second one.

On iOS operating system just install the Documents5 app. It’s the best way to download YouTube videos, however, it’s a file manager. Not difficult a simple and easy way!

Just copy video address (URL). You can copy video URL by using Safari or YouTube app. Now click on share icon which will show on the upper side and copy the link.

Download YouTube Videos via TubeMate for iOS and MAC
For downloading YouTube videos via iOS, just copy the link from YouTube app. Now you can use or Document5 app for saving it on your machine.

After installation of the Document5 app, you will open this (it will look like a compass and showing on the last). After it visits Now here paste the video address (URL) in the input box. It will ask about the video quality, after selection the video will start for downloading. Now it will appear in the download section of the Document5 app. You can move to anywhere of your machine.

Lastly, on MAC there are many methods but the quite simple is MacX YouTube Downloader (also available for Windows operating system). In this method, you will also add video address (URL) and choose the video quality for downloading. By following this way you can download more than 1 video at the same time.

Download YouTube Videos to Windows PC

There is an excessive quantity of YouTube videos downloader available for Windows PC. But due to unwanted ads, you cannot work. So we prefer Any Video Converter for downloading YouTube videos. It works like others apps just paste the video address (URL) and select the video quality. But if you dislike this then aTube Catcher will fulfill your requirement. Because it’s better from this. Lastly, if you want online tools then click on the link:

Any Video Converter
Any Video Converter is a free awesome Windows app which helps to download video from YouTube and convert to different formats. Here you can download multiple videos at the same time.

That was the method to download Youtube videos.  Best of luck and enjoy this. Don’t forget to read the below articles:

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