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Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Google Chrome

Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Google Chrome

Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Google Chrome: Often the user of Google Chrome face “your connection is not private error”.  So today we will guide you if you are getting this type of error then how’s possible to get rid of this issue? After the completion of this article, you will able to hand this “your connection is not private error in Google Chrome”.

There is no doubt that internet is a great tool for us which gives us many channels to learn and share our thinking. Moreover, nowadays you can get or send anything and anywhere just due to the internet technology. Furthermore, when a thing is giving unlimited benefits then it gives us some panic also. So the panic which we get from the internet is hackers who steal our secret info via different scamming methods.

After it, they use this info in the wrong sense. So this is also a type of this panic which we get on the Google Chrome. When you are getting “connection is not private error in Google Chrome”.  Then don’t open the site or first fix this issue because maybe attacker wants to snatch your credit card info or other.

While using a website check is it using SSL and the connection is secure or not. After it, put your personal information otherwise you can lose with your own hands.

Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Google Chrome

Often due to the hackers sometimes you get the error “your connection is not private error in Google Chrome”. So let’s see the method to fix this issue and enjoy the peaceful internet surfing.

Additionally, the above message gets when you are using Google Chrome because this is the SSL issue when your browser facing a hurdle to verify the SSL certificate then it gives you this error. Basically, SSL is the most secure method and the site which is secured with SSL are trustworthy for sharing personal info.

1| Check Date & Time Of PC/ Laptop

While tracing the issue check the date & time of PC/ Laptop, is it according to the standard time? Because mostly due to the wrong date and time we are getting “your connection is not private error in Google Chrome”.  So you need to adjust the date and time according to your standard time.

2| Verify Anti Virus Firewall

The second step to get rid of this issue is to check anti-virus or any security software firewall. Because sometimes our anti-virus programme is blocking the SSL connections website. Now the question arises how’s possible?  Just temporary disable the security software and then check again. If you get rid of the issue then good otherwise activate this and goto the next step.

Notice: If you are using Avast Antivirus then check this carefully because it stops SSL base site mostly.

3| Clear Browser History

The third step is to clear the browser’s history to get rid of this issue. Let’s follow me and see how to work?

I| Just open the Google Chrome and click on the top right corner on a vertical line.

Open Google Chrome Settings

II| Now just scroll down and find the “Show Advanced Settings”.

Show Advanced Settings Google Chrome

III| Now just click on the Privacy Section and click on the “Clear Browsing Data”.

Clear Browsing Data

IV| Now just select the time at which time you want to remove.

Clear Browsing Data (Time)

This the method to clear browsing history. By the way, if you have failed to get rid of the fix your connection is not private error in Google Chrome.  Then follow the below step:

4| Install Extension

Just open the settings and install the extension named “Nortron identity Safe”. Follow the below step:

I| Now click on the right corner on vertical lines and click on More Tools » Extensions. Here you will find Get More Extensions link. Lastly, just click on this link and install “Norton identity safe” extension.

At the end, you have finished this if you get “your connection is not private error in Google Chrome” after enabling the Norton identity Safe extension. Then ignore this error because this website is safe.

At the end, you have read how to fix your connection is not private error in Google Chrome. If you are facing issues still then you need to update all drivers. Just read the below collection of articles:

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