The Secret Of Free Article Directory Submission Sites List

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In this article, we will discuss free article directory submission sites list. Because this is only one way to build quality backlinks. That’s the only one method which is not counting spam method. After it, you also get a quality backlink by submitting an article. These all sites are the high authority so why are you thinking yet?

Why Article Directory Submission Sites List?

The question arise why the article directory submission sites list? There are many other ways available for building quality backlinks. Yes, you can create quality backlinks from blogs but if you can write quality content. Here you are bound to write content which people wants to read.

Furthermore, people prefer these sites from free blogs. So if you want to build quality backlinks and increase traffic. Then you need to leave a URL on the article directory submission sites list. Google rank those sites who have quality content with backlink of high PR article directories.

High PR Article Directories Are Really Necessary?

Why we submit an article to the high PR article directory? Because you need traffic and this is the best way to grow site traffic. However, you can get direct visits, social media traffic and organic visits. Now when you will submit your content to free article directory submission sites list. Then you are creating a quality backlink also which helps to show your site in organic search results.

How To Article Directory Submission Sites List?

Now the question arise what is the way for submitting content to article directory submission sites list? You need to follow some simple steps:

Sign up with your domain email like our

Fill the form with accurate details.

Connect with social media sites.

File the field of a personal blog with your site URL.

Great job! you have finished now just write quality content and submit it. After manual revision, your article will publish on the first page of the free article submission sites list. All depends on your content so write better from competitors. You can also read upcoming article SEO Strategy 2017.

Dofollow or Nofollow From Article Directory Submission Sites List

Which type of backlink will give the free article directory submission sites list? There are two types of backlink. First is nofollow and second is dofollow. The ambition of nofollow link is to tell the search engine that doesn’t follow this link. Nofollow links have also acceptable by the search engine. But here you will read dofollow high PR article directories. Now let’s read about the free article directory submission sites list.

High PR Article Directories List is Here

Your high PR article directories list is here. Just click on the below button and grab the free article directory submission sites list for building quality backlinks for your site.

[button color=”orange” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”” target=”true”]Hit Me![/button]

These are high PR article directories for guest posting. Some are instant approve articles and some manually. But all are free high PR article directories. You can grab a quality backlink for your website by writing a quality article.

Why Don’t We Purchase Backlinks?

Often on the different sites, you see ads for selling quality backlinks. You know this is a scam because they create backlinks with the help of software. By the help of software, backlinks create on irrelevant sites and search engine gives the penalty of those sites who contains like that.

Lastly, you have read the free article submission sites list. If you have any query which is not in this article then submit it via the comment section.

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