Top Free Social Bookmarking Submission Sites List

Top Free Social Bookmarking Submission Sites List

In this article, we will discuss the top free social bookmarking submission sites list which is on the peek nowadays. In the list which is sharing here, some will give NoFollow and someone will offer DoFollow backlinks. However, no doubt that social bookmarking sites submission is a great idea and also doing the SEO’s expert.

But while doing social bookmarking submission can be risky if you will use this in the wrong way. Mostly, the articles are available on the web in which suggest creating backlinks and the main things which suggest the SEO has ignored. In 2012 and before Google suggest to create quality backlinks and without that, your site’s ranking is not possible. But after 2012, Google prefer quality content, not just backlinks.

By the way, social bookmarking sites can give you a lot of trusts and can rank your Alexa rank. So, therefore, SEO’s expert prefer this method. Let’s read about the top free social bookmarking submission sites list:

Top Free Social Bookmarking Submission Sites List

Let’s read about the top free social bookmarking submission sites list after click on the below button.

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Now read some more about the social bookmarking and after it submits your post the above sites.

Social Bookmarking Sites What?

Social Bookmarking sites are the platform where people of society submit their ideas in the shape of links, text, and images. These posts, link, and images are showing in the list of search results which searched by the visitor. Therefore these sites are considered for getting quality backlinks from any site. Some example of social bookmarking sites is, Digg, Diigo, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc.

Do’s & Dont’s While Social Bookmarking Sites

While submission to the social bookmarking sites keeps in mind some suggestions:

  1. Is it relevant to your site?
  2. Are you submitting mind-blowing text post, image post or link post?
  3. Are you submitting immediately?
  4. The article which is submitting by your end are rewrite/ spun articles?

These are some rules which you need to keep in mind while visiting the top free social bookmarking submission sites list. Don’t submit your website to those social bookmarking sites which are not relevant to your site. After it, keep in mind if your post is really impressive then the click-through rate will be good.

The great thing is that you can get DoFollow backlinks from these sites by submitting to the social bookmarking sites. The second step is that while submitting your site to social bookmarking don’t submit to all sites immediately. Because it will be spam and get penalize from the major search engines.

Like that, just see an example, if you have 20 backlinks in the month of November 2017 and suddenly it reaches on 100 in December. Then it’s spam and focuses on “Slow and steady wins the race”.

Now the last one is that, don’t submit the article which is spun or rewrite. Because search engine better knows which is quality content and which is the rewrite. So now all depends on you which is better and what wrong?

That’s the method and the top free social bookmarking submission sites list. If you like this then don’t forget to share on the Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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