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Would You Like To Learn About function.php File WordPress?

What is Function.php File WordPress

In this article, we will talk about what is function.php file WordPress? function.php WordPress behaves like a template in WordPress themes. The file also is known as theme functions file. However, the behavior of this file is like as plugin. Usually, the purpose of function.php file WordPress is to define classes, actions, and functions of the theme.

By the way, you can also use this for the addition of extra feature. But for this purpose, you need to add a specific code in the file. After it, it will call this code while showing on the front of the user. You can find function.php file WordPress in the theme folder of the current theme. By the way, every theme which is premium or free contains function.php file. If you want to run a code then it will work, when you will paste in the current theme folder.

In the case of missing function.php file WordPress. You can create this by using the name function.php file. After it just adds this file to the directory of the theme. On the other hand, every child theme also contains function.php file. If you use this then the code will also work. Often expert uses that file which is in their child theme. By the usage of this file, you can change the menu, add a thumbnail in your RSS feeds.

You read about the function.php file WordPress. If you have any question relating the topic. Then submit using comment form or send us using your query using the contact us form. Now if you don’t have the idea about WordPress function.php file location. Then you can read an article about it by clicking the below link.

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