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How To Make Money Online By Affiliate Marketing?

Make Money Online

Today I will tell you the way to make money online by affiliate marketing. Did you listen GoDaddy? If yes then good otherwise first I will try to tell you about it. GoDaddy is a Domain Registrar, Hosting Provider etc. Here if you can purchase a domain on the lowest rate. GoDaddy is the most famous name in the world …

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Improve Site’s Security Change Database Prefix

Change Database Prefix

Site’s security is a most important factor which is not ignorable. So today I will share the main reason of hacking. In fact, WordPress is an open source software which saves all data in the database. But on installation, it creates wp_ prefix and beginners don’t know to change it. Here you will read if you forgot to change default prefix …

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Powered By WordPress Footer Remove In 5 Minutes

WordPress Footer Remove

In this article, you will read about powered by WordPress footer remove. When you start a website on WordPress then you see a link Powered by WordPress and every person wants to remove proudly powered by WordPress. So here you will read how to remove Powered by WordPress link from your site in just 5 minutes. Furthermore, free versions of WordPress …

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Fix 500 Internal Server Error In 20 Minutes

500 Internal Server Error

Here you will able to read about fix 500 internal server error WordPress. Often the error occurs due to dispute in the root directory or host’s server. However, this is a frustrating error in WordPress which faced by the user. But the solution of this error is simple and easy. After troubleshooting, you can rid of 500 internal server error. …

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Send Newsletter Email? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Send Newsletter Email

In this article, you will read the method to send Newsletter email. If you are an owner of WordPress then MailChimp will work for you. Just configure MailChimp with WordPress and enjoy. However, there are many platforms are available for sending a newsletter email. But MailChimp uses by more than five millions people. So in this article, I will tell you …

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