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Why Terrorism Cover Whole The World?


When any violence occurred at anywhere then an issue is hidden on the back. If we see facts about terrorism then some I am discussing here. If we see the report of terrorist attack around worldwide then these are 32,658. These are increased 80 % from 2013. If you see the report of terrorist attacks in 2000 then these were …

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What Is Terrorism And Why Propagate?


If you see terrorist attacks in US 2016 numbers then you note more than 10 terrorist attacks occurred. Terrorist attack on a church in France is latest which grow religious terrorism. If we discuss on what is terrorism? Then the answer to this question is there when any organization or person start violence in the name of religion then it …

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Why Honey Is Beneficial For Sugar Patient?


Honey is a good item for different diseases some benefits I have shared under here. If you see honey is beneficial for sugar patient or not then there is no benefit for sugar person. When you drink honey and eat sugar it will increase your diabetes level. Honey is sweet so try to use Honey in bit quantity. Benefits of …

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