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Secret To Generate SSH Key In Less Than Ten Minutes

You can read here the method to generate SSH key Linux command line. By the way, every plan of hosting provides facilitation to connect via SSH. If you are on Reseller hosting. Then the guide will help you to connect via SSH command line. Furthermore, shared hosting also provide the facility to connect via SSH command line. For this purpose, you need to create SSH key. After creation download it. Lastly, connect via SSH client.

Keep in mind: If the server name format is like that id####. Then you are on large disk server so you don’t have the capability to connect via SSH. Now just continue to read about generate SSH key Linux command line.

Generate SSH Key Linux Command Line

  • First, enable SSH and after it login CPanel.
  • Now click on SSH/ Shell Access which is under security.
  • After it just click on Manage SSH key, then on Generate new key.
  • Type a password and again password in the second field.


  • Lastly, click on Generate key. Now you will get a successful message.
  • When you will reach on next screen click on Manage Authorization.
  • Here you will see a message in which wording use “The key with the name “id_dsa” (this name may differ based on your settings) is currently……….” Now click on Authorize button.

Download and Convert SSH Key

  • First, puttygen download from the web.
  • Now login to CPanel.
  • Click SSH/ Shell Access which will find under security.
  • Now click on Manage SSH keys
  • After it click on view/ Download which will show under private keys.
  • Here you will find Download key button click on it.
  • Now open putty gen, and click on Load
  • Lastly, click on puTTy Private Key Files(*.ppk) from the drop down menu and change it to All Files (*.*). Next select id_dsa file which you have downloaded.


  • Now pen it.
  • A popup box will appear and ask you Password. Insert password and hit enter.


  • Here you will get a successful message.


  • Just click on save private key by clicking on the button which has shown in the below image.


SSH via Putty

  • Open Putty, below connection, click on SSH and after it on Auth.


  • Now browse which will show under Private key for authentication. Now just select the private key which you have downloaded. Open it.
  • Here click on Session and insert 2222.
  • You can use the domain name for the host name. After it click on the open button for connection. If you see a security alert then click on Yes button.


  • Here you will see login section. Just enter CPanel username.
  • Now enter a password. Due to security reason, you will not able to see your password while typing. Now you have logged in to your account via SSH.

You have read about generate SSH key Linux Command Line. If you face any difficulty to generate SSH key Linux Command Line then contact with hosting provider.

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