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Genuine Persian Rugs Handmade Oriental Rugs

Genuine Persian Rugs Handmade Oriental Rugs

Planning To Buy a Genuine Persian Rugs? Tips for getting Real One! Persian rugs are one of the most popular decorative materials!

People love to buy a wide collection of these rugs to enhance the beauty of their home. There can be various sources from where these carpets can be bought easily. But the main concern is how to buy a real piece that is handcrafted by the experts. Some stores in your city may be providing cheap Persian rugs. But how do you know these are genuine or not?

It is necessary to know the carpet you are planning to buy is fabricated with a right material and designed in the traditional style.

With a careful research, knowledge, and guidance you can easily get what are you looking for. After knowing some basic things about the Persian rugs such as design patterns, coloring methods, fabrication material, and different types of them you will definitely choose a real thing for your home.

Genuine Persian Rugs Handmade Oriental Rugs Tips

Here are some essential tips that will surely help you buy a genuine Persian rug. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1| Material

Do you know about the main origin of this attractive thing? No? It’s Iran (another name is Persia). Weavers of Iran have been designing these rugs with perfection for many years. They exactly aware of the material that is needed to weave a real rug that tells the tails of different cultures and customs.

For the traditionally hand-woven carpets wool, silk, and a wool-silk blend are the most common materials. Moreover, the quality of the wool depends on the breed of the sheep, climate, and time of the shearing.

You should always avoid buying a mat that is crafted from the synthetic materials which are highly combustible. Here is one more thing that can make the difference between a real and fake piece.

The hand-knotted mat is soft on both the sides (top and bottom), and the back side is an exact mirror image of the front side. On the other side, synthetic Persian rug feels hard when touched.

Material For Genuine Persian Rugs

The materials used for crafting synthetic one are:

  • Acrylic
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon

Observing material is one the most common and easiest ways to find the real carpet made in Persia.

2| Colors

No artificial colors use for coloring the genuine Persian rugs. The time when the practice of crafting Persian rugs was started chemicals dyes were not invented.

And from that time only natural dyes such as cochineal insects for red, the indigo plant for blue, and pomegranate rind for the yellow shade are utilized.

The red is highly in use to dye these beautiful and popular mats. Whenever you visit a local store to buy one, you can find the red color in almost every shade such as scarlet, cherry, and soft coral.

After red, blue is in another popular shade. Besides knowing different shades making difference between natural and synthetic dyes is also an essential thing to buy an authentic Persian mat.

Synthetic colors tend to penetrate the fibers evenly; whereas natural dyes will cover the surface.

So, when you buy a carpet for your home, bend it to isolate a few threads. If there is slight discrimination in colors, it means you are choosing a right option. Leaving a damp cloth on the rug for the full night can also give you an exact idea of making a right selection.

If there is color on the cloth it means dye is not stable and carpet may lose its shine in a few years.

3| Design and Patterns

Every design of the Persian mats shows a glimpse of different cultures, customs, or traditions in itself. Moreover, these design patterns also identify the region where the carpet actually develop.

Genuine Persian Rugs Unique Features

Look here for different types of Persian carpets and their unique features.

1| Tabriz

The main origin of this type is Tabriz, the capital city of Azerbaijan. Tabriz carpets relate to woven with the high-quality wool and silk. This is the most valuable type and found only in exclusive private collections and museums. The designs patterns of Tabriz mats range from teardrop medallions to floral, hunting scenes, and trees.

2| Isfahan

The design pattern of this type quite balanced and symmetrical. Typically it prepares with silk, wool, and dyed with indigo. Design patterns consist of rose or blue medallion surrounded by vines and woven on an ivory background.

3| Baluch

This type of rug is small in size and prepared by the nomadic Baluchi tribes across Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

These prepare with soft wool, loosely woven and color with corrosive black, brown, and blue dye.

4| Kashmar

It is one of the most popular types prepare in Iran. Basic shades of this type are light blue, integrate red, brown, and green. The two main features of these carpets are their large size and unique design.

These are specifically woven in pictorial patterns and every design describes the tales of major events and historical figures.

5| Mashad

Design patterns of these carpets feature a single, oversized Shah Abbasi medallion in the center with a background carries floral motifs in a curvilinear design.

Mashad mats are normally large in size with a wool pile and a cotton base.

Consider The Use Before Purchasing Genuine Persian Rugs

Before choosing the genuine Persian Rugs considering its location where you want to place it is necessary. For instance, silk rugs are less resistant to stress and can place in an appropriate place.

On another side, wool rugs are more durable and can bear a high volume of foot traffic for years without showing signs of distress. The homeowners who have children in their home should buy a carpet carefully.

1| Budget

Price of the rugs can vary according to the quality, size, and material. If you want to make an affordable deal to buy genuine Persian rugs, you must make a deep research before finalizing one.

By keeping these above-mentioned points in the mind you will definitely buy genuine Persian rugs that will completely change the look of your place.

Go ahead and visit a trustworthy store today. Buying online can also be a good way to get a fine rug.

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