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Get Backlink From Facebook

How To Get Free PR9 Backlink Of Facebook? Now You Can Get Free Dofollow Backlink Of Pr9 Site. A backlink is a backbone of any Website or Blog. A pr9 backlink is very useful for site or blog. Without backlinking your site has no worth. Often we listen about Facebook, this is a famous social media site. The page rank of Facebook is 9 and the PR9 site backlink is a very useful thing for any type of Blog or Website. The main problem is website traffic, every 3rd person who is earning from a website is asking how to get site traffic? So the answer is that you can earn traffic on your site very easily. Here today we will tell you How to get PR9 DoFollow backlink using facebook?

Just follow these ease steps:-

  1. Simply Login your facebook account.
  2.  Now Click here.
  3. Click on Add Static HTML Page to a Page.
  4. Now select your page.
  5. Now click on setup tab.
  6. Now write like this in index.html ” <a href=””>Global Blurb</a>”
  7. Just type your site link and name.
  8. Hit save.

You have completed steps. Now you made backlink of your site. Keep visiting global blurb.

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