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Get Google Analytics Property Tracking ID In Just 40 Sec

Google Data Analysis Tool is a free source for traffic analyzation. While starting a new website you need to know the details of visitors and country of coming visitors. Then Google Analytics help you to know about it in depth and make better site ranking.

Read Benefits Of Google Analytics Tool

  • First of all, this is a totally free tool which is offering by Google.
  • Here you are able to find out which keywords have typed by visitors on your website.
  • Furthermore, here you can find out the clicks position.
  • With the help of this tool, you are able to prepare your website for higher ranking without paying a cost.

Google Analytics is a best data reporting tool. But if you are not interested then Google Analytics competitors will help you.

Bonus Tip Best Blog Analytics Tool


Open Web Analytics


Way To Find Google Analytics Code

First of all, I will tell you the way to find Google Analytics code? Because without it, you cannot track site’s visitors. Let’s see the method below to find out tracking Id.

  1. If you have Google Analytics account Id then Sign in otherwise Sign up.
  2. After it, click on the Admin tab.Google-Analytics-Admin
  3. Here you will see Tracking word just click on this word.Tracking info

Here you will see tracking code just copy it and place on your website.

Where To Put Google Analytics Code?

Now, where to put Google Analytics code? Many plugins are available to add Google Analytics Code but it’s better to don’t use any plugin. I will tell you the best method to add this code to your website. The method which I am going to tell you is the way in which your site will work fastly.

Because in SEO you need to place javascript code in the footer. So I will place in the footer for fulfilling the requirements of SEO.

  1. First of all, Just login to the CPanel.
  2. After it, open File Manager.File Manager CPanel
  3. Here you will see wp-content folder just open this and find Themes folder.



Note: Keep in mind open the active theme folder. Because inactive theme will not work so mind it.

Lastly, you need to create a new file with the name of analyticstracking.php and paste the copied code which you got from Google analytic account.

put-google-analytics-codeNow call this by placing this code <?php include_once(“analyticstracking.php”) ?> after <body> tag in footer.php.

Put Google Analytics Code In Header Or Footer (Second Method)

  1. Get analytics code now.
  2. Now open your WordPress theme Dashboard.
  3. Now open Appearance » Editor.
  4. From your left side see foother.php.
  5. Before </body> tag put Google analytics code. If you want to see in details how to access footer PHP in WordPress?

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