The Quickest & Easiest Way To Get Organic Traffic

Today you will read the quickest and easiest way to get organic traffic in 20 days. Due to this, you will get a flood of visitors from different channels. Like social media sites and blogging platforms.

No Need To Publish Fresh Content For – Get Organic Traffic

Some days ago, I read a post from HubSpot Blog in which strategy introduced which I will share here with you.

Hubspot Strategy

In this post, the tactics revealed that updating old post can give you organic traffic. I thought about it, yeah this is interesting. After it, I tried and really get organic traffic from the Google. I surprised when I saw the result of traffic.

HubSpot Before and After

First I republished the below post:

Google Search Results

The Same strategy follows by backlinko and he gets a positive response. He shared an article about it and after it, I got the result from Google. Due to re-publication of an article content move in the front of different people and they attract to read this. By re-sharing article create a cluster of backlinks and boost the post. Now are you thinking to follow or not? If yes, then read more about to get organic traffic.

3 Steps To Re-Publish Content Get Organic Traffic

There are 3 steps to get organic traffic like a flood.

  • First, check the content which is not updated for a long period.
  • Now improve this content.
  • Hit update button and enjoy traffic.

First of all, check your old posts which are not updated for a long period. Because they really need an update.

After it, when you will update this content then it will rotate in the front of those eyes who miss this.

On Secondly, don’t forget to improve this content. Because old ideas do not prefer by visitors. So when you will improve this according to the current era then obviously you will get a better result.

Lastly, don’t forget to share your ideas on social media and social bookmarking sites. Social media platforms are a great way to get organic traffic.

First of all, verify the content which is needing an update. Now the question arise how? Check pages that rank #7-15. (In fact, Google give 67.5% clicking to top 5 positions). Therefore, you need to concentrate on #7-15. Now just see how to find these?

Login to Google Search Console and click on Search Analytics.

Google Search Console

After it, click on “impression” and “Position”.

Search Console Options

Now keep concentration on those pages which are taking a lot of impressions but rank must be #7-15.

Choose a lot of information post

Now the selected pages can boost site’s traffic by re-publishing.

Traffic Dropping

You can see the image in which traffic is dropping but it will get a rank after relaunching.

Republish Now

Now get fresh ideas and drop in the content so the visitor can enjoy fresh content not 2 years ago. When you will re-publish content after a year or less then a period then the result will ok. But when you will re-publish this after 2 years then it will boost this. I just give the time period to understand to you it’s not mean that you also share post first after 1 year and then 2 years.

Make Content Up To Date

Now the turn to make some changes in the old content. When you will add content and update it without fresh images. Then it will bore the reader. So update content and the position of images like backlinko author has changed.

Remove old images and update fresh images. After it, add some extra which is as bonus tips. Don’t pull only one topic in an article because it will bore. If you have gotten questions in the comment section then give answers of these question so visitors can also take benefit from the speak of mind.

Update Your Post

After update don’t forget to tell the bloggers. Now search for people who are interested in the topic. You can search on Google like see an example.

Just search for skyscraper technique on Google. After it open blogs who has written articles about it. Now just send an email about your post and send on their addresses.

Google Results of Sky Scraper

After it just changes published date by the method below:

Change Date

Change to current day….

Change To Current Date

After it hit the update button.


Lastly, you have read about the method to get organic traffic. While re-publishing article thinks about the below lines:

  • Are you inserting infographic?
  • Are you placing a new section?

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