Google Webmaster Tools Verify Your Website Now

Google Webmaster Tools Verify Your Website Now

Google is the major search engine on the web, so today we will give a small introduction to you about the Google Webmaster Tools. Why Google webmaster tools? Because due to the major search engine it is the most popular search engine in the world and most people search out on the Google for news and articles. If you have succeeded to rank your website on the Google then you don’t need to attract traffic from other search engines or other social networking sites.

Earn From The Google Program

Furthermore, Google is offering earning program to the site owners who want to earn from their blog. You will sign up for AdSense account and place ads on your blog while people will visit and click on the ads. Meanwhile, your revenue will start to generate. However, if a visitor visits the blog via organic search then the rate of Pay Per Click is more than better from director visitors or Social media site’s visitors.

Now let’s read the way to verify the site from the major Search Engine Google. Let’s start!

Google Webmaster Tools Verify Your Website Now

Now the turn to verify site from Google Webmaster tools. The above was the benefits of Google and now the turn to verify website from Google Webmaster Tools.

1| Sign Up For Google Webmaster Tools

First of all, you need to create a Gmail account. Secondly, you will visit here, now add your website with http:// or https:// and submit your blog/ website.

Add Property

2| Choose Method

Now here you will select the method of verification the site/ blog. We will suggest verifying your blog/ website via HTML tag. For this purpose, you will select “Alternative Methods”.

Alternative Methods

3| Copy Tag

Now just copy the tag and paste in the header of your theme’s file. If you don’t know the method, how to access header.php then we also have published an article about it: Access Header.PHP File In The WordPress?

4| Verify Site

After placing the code in the header tag return to the Google Webmaster tools and click on the verify button. You will get a success message.


5| Submit Your First Sitemap

Lastly, you will submit your first sitemap and after it, Google webmaster tools will auto pick your sitemap and index it.

Submit Your First Sitemap

You have learned the way to verify your website from Google Webmaster Tools. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook if you like this.

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