How to Grow Awesome Beard [Infographic]

Grow Awesome Beard: Trends have a tendency to come and go at a moment’s notice. One minute, bell bottoms are the end all, be all of the pants for women. The next, bell bottoms are out and skinny jeans are in. Likewise, men’s fashion has a tendency to be pretty fickle.

One staple, however, that never seems to go out of style is the beard. Still, despite the fact that it has never lost its popularity, it seems to be trending now more than ever. All you have to do is look on the streets of any city or flip through a celebrity magazine to see men with impressive, fashion forward beards all over the place.

Because we know that growing and maintaining a beard can be pretty difficult, we have created an all-in-one guide to teach you everything that you need to know about growing that perfect, enviable beard.

According to Wikipedia, there are 19 official different facial hair styles. That’s a lot to learn. Fortunately for you, we cover all of those 19 in this guide.

We even took things a step further and made it even easier for you by compiling all of the information we have into one single infographic: Trending Beard Styles.

Feel free to drop us a comment to let us know how your beard is coming along if you do decide to rock one of these styles! Let’s see the way to grow awesome beard [Infographic]:

Grow Awesome Beard [Infographic]

Grow Awesome Beard

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