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How To Add RSS Feed To Google Newsstand?

In this article, we will discuss how to add RSS feed to Google Newsstand? RSS feed of any site is a great way for site owners to get traffic. If you don’t add RSS feed to Google Newsstand. Then here you will able to add it. It’s a great platform for those who read a newspaper regularly. Here a person can get updated news regarding any issue. You don’t need to visit different sites for reading newspapers here you can get every type of update on one site.

Add RSS Feed To Google Newsstand

When you target a country in Google Newsstand. Then Google Newsstand add relevant searched sites in your account. For example, if you searched Pakistani news then it will automatically add appropriates sites. But when you see these are not enough for me. Then you can also search additionally desired sites. Here you have option to add RSS feed to Google Newsstand publisher like if you are interested in Global Blurb then simply copy the RSS feed which are as under:

Now add RSS feed to Google Newsstand manually and you will able to see an update when any new article added in the feed. When you open your account you will get intimation about the favorite sites. Read about What is RSS feeds?

How To Publish Magazine On Google Newsstand?

Now just see how to publish a magazine on Google Newsstand? For this purpose, you need to follow some simply given steps.

  • First of all, open Google Newsstand by placing in the search bar the below URL.
  • Secondly, click on Create new edition.

Create New edition

  • Now fill the form with asked information.

Fill Information

  • After it, enter the basic information of your site.

Basic Information

  • If you have verified your site with the given email address then better otherwise verify this first.

Distribute Tab Setting Google Play Newsstand

  • Furthermore, you need to select the area where the site’s feed showing.

International Distribution

  • In this section, you can select your site language.

Language Selection

Sign up or Sign in AdSense account

  • After it just click on 2 option. Enable and enable ads
  • After it create ad by 3rd option and hit update
  • Lastly, click on publish and enter your name, organization etc. After it just selects today from the drop down list and clicks on publish now.

You have successfully add RSS feed to Google Newsstand. If you want to add extra section like social media or YouTube channel then just select section and do like as under setting

Add Extra Section

You have finished all work and add RSS feed to Google  Newsstand. If you like this then don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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