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How To Approve Site From Google AdSense?

How To Approve Site From Google AdSense?

How To Approve Site From Google AdSense: If you want to know What is AdSense? Then here you will get an answer to your question. AdSense is a program for publisher offered by the Google. Here a blog owner places the Google AdSense ads and earns money at home. For this purpose, you need to update the blog on daily basis and the visitors who are interested in the article will see placed ads. Now when a person will click on the ad then revenue will generate and you can payout after a month via Western Union or Paypal.

How To Approve Site From Google AdSense?

Now let’s read here how to approve site from Google AdSense. Here we are discovering Google AdSense tutorial. Google AdSense is the best way to earning money. If you want to get approve Google AdSense account then you need to follow some rules. It’s surety to you if you follow some tips which are sharing here. Then 100% you can get approve Google site from Google AdSense account without investing money.

Tips To Getting Approve Site From Google AdSense

For approve site from Google AdSense, you need a Gmail account. If you don’t have then you can Sign up for Gmail. After it, sign up for Google AdSense account. When you will sign up then it will ask for the blog’s URL and you will place the blog’s URL where you have updated articles minimum 40-50.

See here how can you approve site from Google AdSense

  • Don’t place an ad on the static page.
  • Don’t place an ad on Homepage.
  • Keep updating your website on regular basis.
  • Don’t use copying, rewriting or Spun article.
  • Place an ad in your article.
  • Don’t place an ad in header or footer.
  • No need to place an ad in the widget.
  • Don’t submit your blog before 6 months.

Google AdSense manually approve your website after revision. You will get a decision of Google AdSense via email which you have used for the AdSense account sign up. If they send to you approve then that’s good if they un-approve your site then remove errors from your site if you could not understand about error then don’t hesitate to send us an email of Google which you have received by Google. We will try to help you.

You can send your email to Google AdSense have difficult policies but not difficult for the honest person it’s difficult for robbers.

Google AdSense program is very the best program for publishers and advertisers. The big benefit of Google AdSense is that you can use this for YouTube also. If you want to see Google AdSense alternatives then you can also visit the previously mentioned link.

More Tips To Get Approve Site From Google AdSense

If you face any difficulty then you can leave a comment or visit Google AdSense help forum for solution of any difficulty. Just apply for Google AdSense account and update your website on daily basis.

If you have YouTube channel then you can link AdSense to YouTube channel and start earning. Google AdSense ads will show on your YouTube videos when the visitor click this ad. Google AdSense will pay you for this ad. YouTube Google AdSense earnings will save in your that account which you have linked to him.

The first step is to approve AdSense account and the second step is verification. After address verification, you can payout from Google AdSense account. Before this, you won’t be able for payout. Only Google AdSense is offering ads on YouTube. After account approval, the next step is how to make money with Google AdSense? Just get the code from Google AdSense and place this code above and below the post and your earning will start.

Lastly, you have read the way to approve site from Google AdSense. If you like this then don’t forget to share this and rate this article.

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