How To Build Quality Backlinks Free? [Updated 2018]

How To Build Quality Backlinks Free?

[Update on January 2018] In this article, we will discuss the technique which gives you high-quality backlinks in 2018. How to build quality backlinks free for your blog or a website. While doing search engine optimization a backlink has a powerful factor to show your website in organic search results.

If you are a beginner then don’t create backlinks using online websites. Because a backlink which is the low-level effect on your site’s ranking. So don’t create spam links. Now the question arises how to build quality backlinks free?

What is the best method to get high-quality backlinks after the Penguin update? Backlinks always are the successful strategy in every season of the search engine.

So the new tutorial will help you to know the way for getting high-quality backlinks in the season 2018. The strategy which will share here has practically experienced. Because after a huge experience we know what should be done and what ignore while search engine optimization.

First, give a sight to 2017 what we have done and what the new change occurred in 2018?

What Have We Done in 2017 – Build Quality Backlinks Free?

Just create your profile on the different site. After completion of profile put your site URL in the website field. After it when you will start a topic/ question or post answer on other asked question.

Then you will build quality backlinks free from that site. Moreover, the Search engine ranks those sites who build quality backlinks. However, you can build quality backlinks free by some below given methods:

  • Article directories
  • Posting comment
  • Link submission
  • From Blogs
  • From social media

By the way, there are many methods to build quality backlinks free. But we are describing here only three methods. If you follow these. Then you can build quality backlinks free in hundreds.

However, you can read how to get a backlink from Google Plus? Keep in mind don’t submit link in the field of text because it will count spam. Because Google or other search engine does not prefer spam links. One more tip doesn’t submit a comment on those websites which are not familiar with your site. Because spam links can penalize your website.

List Of DoFollow Forum Sites to Quality Backlink Free

Here is the list of dofollow forums sites. If you want to use for build quality backlinks free. Then just copy and paste into your browser address bar. The forum will open and after that create your account and start questioning and answering. However just click on the below button to see the list of links.

Show Me Now!

The above sites are more than 50 high domain authority forums. However, all sites are more than PR5 page rank sites. If you success to create the account. Then we hope you can get more than 50 high-quality backlinks.

Now just see how to build quality backlinks free from the blogging platform. Here is the list of popular blogging platform just sign in and start posting.

How To Build Quality Backlinks Free From Blogs?

Now we are moving toward the blogs. Because it’s also a great method to build quality backlinks free as you desire. But excessive or irrelevant backlink count as spam. You can check your domain authority, page authority and spam score using Moz Explorer. This is a free tool to explore a website.


Blogger is a PR9 blogging platform. You can build quality backlinks free. Just sign up using Gmail Id. If you don’t have then know how to create Google/ Gmail account? 

After it just writes an article and leaves a link to your website. Don’t create more than 1 link. Update your blogs regularly with your article link. This is a free service offered by Google. Google rank any blog immediately so when a person visits your blog then obviously traffic will also come on your website.


Now we talk about Just sign up and start publishing your article. When you will publish an article you build quality backlinks free of cost. After completion of article leave a link to your blog or website. offering limited space and option to the free plan. You can upgrade if you want to use a custom domain. If you like to read a discovered article Difference Between And Org? is a PR9 site and you can get a quality link if you leave your site URL on a post or page.

Now we talk about It is a high authority site and offering a free blog. You can create account free and start publishing articles.

After completion of the article just place your site link and enjoy a backlink. is also offering paid version so if you want to get paid plan then you can upgrade your current account.

Typepad is a blogging platform which offers free and paid blog. is a PR8 platform. If you want to start free blogging then you can make your blog PR 7-8 is a preferable rank on Google. Page rank depends on your page authority and domain authority so improve these two things.


Weebly is also offering free and paid blogging services. Here you can make a free blog for your site and leave a link to your blog. After completion of a blog, your blog starts unique visits and these can cause to increase your site traffic. has PR8 blogging platform.


Tumblr is a free platform. If you want to get a backlink from then it’s not tough. You can get by link submission or article writing. Many free auto posters also available and you can download from directory or used premium plugins.

We will suggest SNAP plugin or Jetpack plugin. Keep in mind these plugins can only use on Plugins will publish your article auto when you update or hit publish button. If you want to post manually then you can. Just sign in and create your blog. By the way, Tumblr is a PR8 platform.

Live Journal

Live Journal is a free and premium blogging platform. Just create your blog and publish stories. You can leave your site link. It is a PR8 platform. You can publish your stories auto from by using WordPress plugin.

Google Blog

Google is offering free blogs service like blogger. You can create and share your articles on it. You can leave your site link and enjoy Page rank 10 backlink for your blog.

Blog Some

It is a PR6 blogging platform and you can get free backlinks by sharing your post on it. Link from Blogsome platform can improve your site in search results.

Some Popular bloggers also available like Jimdo, Webs, Wikidot, Yola, Angelfire, Tripod, and If you want to spread your post then you can use also.

Build Quality Backlinks Free From Social Media Sites

Now we discuss how to build quality backlinks free from Social media sites? Here you will get an idea of Social media sites. By the way, you can read here how to get a free PR9 quality backlink from Adobe? 

Beginners don’t know how to get quality backlinks free from Social media so this tutorial will help you, how to build quality backlinks free?

If you see then a backlink is the main factor in SEO and without SEO you cannot improve your site ranking.

Article Directories List to build Quality Backlinks Free

If you want to build quality backlinks free then you can build quality backlinks free by submitting your article to article directories. For this purpose just see the below list to submit your article. Just simply sign up and submit your article and leave your site link in Author’s box.























At the end of 2017, we have read the method to build quality backlinks free via article directories on which you can submit your article and leave URL in the author box.

If the above sites accept your article then you can build quality backlinks free from these. So just sign up and create an account don’t forget to place your site URL in the field which has given in your profile details.

Turn To Change Build Quality Backlinks Free [2018 New Update]

Now the turn to change for getting high-quality backlinks in 2018. Just start with a little introduction of backlinks and move toward the experienced ways.

Table of Contents

  1. Backlinks what?
  2. Why are you not preferring fewer backlinks and higher ranking?
  3. Don’t forget 5 Rules

Let’s Remember The First Lesson About Backlinks

A backlink gets when the 3rd person inserts your website’s link on their website. This type of link also known as external backlink.

It looks like as below shows:

Tier 1 Backlinking

You know backlinking is the heavy credit in the site’s ranking. But before going to the expert mode of backlinking strategy just check are you ready for it?

Why Are You Not Preferring Fewer Backlinks And Higher Ranking

Let’s ready to read the ugly truth about getting high-quality backlinks.

This is not cheap and easy to get.

Now if you want to defeat these challenges then you need to take a look:

  • Here you need to the technical optimized website.
  • Your site must have a strong coding and architecture.
  • Your content must be loveable.

Let’s cover every step carefully:

1| Remove All Technical Issues

Why you need to remove all technical issues because it hurts the UE (user experience). Now when you will destroy the user experience then search engines will limit the organic traffic.

Sometimes we are facing zero benefits of our backlinks. So you need to worry about the technical issues. By the way, what type of issues you need to keep in mind?

  • Website Speed (Check via Google PageSpeed Insights)
  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Do you have duplicate content on your site?
  • How many 302 redirects?
  • Do you have 404 page not found error?
  • Canonical URL errors.
  • Misuse of (noindex,nofollow etc.)

Now we will suggest using Screaming Frog SEO Spider for checking 302 redirects, canonical errors, duplicate meta issues and 404 not found errors.

2| Create Your Site Architecture Strong

If you want to increase your domain authority then we will suggest to follow the below strategy and get a good result.

Increase Domain Authority

3| Prefer Quality Content Instead Of Boring

Content is the backbone of the website. If you are thinking you will rank your website without the content support then you are going to waste your important time.

If you have hundreds of quality backlinks but you don’t have quality content then soon you will lose.

 4| Don’t forget 5 Rules

If you are really thinking to follow the below 5 rules then you will get huge traffic within a month.

I| Don’t Link To Irrelevant

Relevancy is the first and most important criteria for effective backlinking.

If your site has backlinked with relevant then 100% surety that, your site will not penalize.

How Google calculate the relevancy score of your site?

  1. Content to the linked domains.
  2. Content to the linked pages.
  3. Relevancy of these links which are attached.

By the way, Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow will tell you the reality of your site.

II| Don’t Forget All High Authority Sites Are Your Friend

Strong site = better results.

Still, Google has stopped the PageRank and did not update anymore. You are bound to rely on the 3rd party tools. You know these are not correct but you are bound to accept these ones.

We will suggest using the below tools for analyzation:

III| Prefer Real Traffic Sites

If you are getting site’s traffic from the real traffic sites then you are improving the tier one. Moreover, these backlinks getting strategy is not easy to get but it will give you a good reward.

Without getting the exact data you can not approach this so you can use the SEMRUSH tool for this purpose.

IV| Now The Turn To Anchor Text

Reckless anchor text method can hurt your website. So while using anchor text you need to use the text which is not same as your article but the concept on the back of is the same.

V| Get Backlinks From High Authority

The last step to build quality backlinks free is just focusing on the high authority sites. By the way, while linking just check:

  • What are you linking?
  • Is the outbound link is relevant?

By the way, if you read “viagra” or “gambling” or the word which relates to this. Then you need to ignore this because in future it will be a panic for you.

You have read the way to build quality backlinks free. If you like this then don’t forget to share on the social media sites. Keep visiting Global Blurb for more articles relates to the SEO.

How To Build Quality Backlinks Free Video? [Updated 2018]

We have shared everything in the article the video is just to tell the visitors who will visit the Youtube. That the article can be approachable via site.

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