How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform For You?

If you want to start your own website but confused about the best blogging platform. Then today I will try to rid of this tension. There are many blogging platforms are serving in the market, therefore, this is a tough question. So here I will tell you how to choose the best blogging platform for you. And here I am competing for different blogging platforms.  Just click on your desire blogging platform. You will reach it.









Choosing The Best Blogging Platform For Earning Money

While we start comparison just know about the best blogging platform. If you are a beginner then you need a blogging platform in which no need of coding. Which is easy to configure and use. After that, you decide which type of website or blog you want to create. After all, you also decide about your blog design. Which type of blog you want to create? Because if you want to target audience then it’s necessary to change in your website design. (Is It the best blogging platform?)

Best Blogging Platform is the most popular blogging software and offering services free. If you are also confused due to and Then you can see here the difference between and .org. The is an open source best blogging platform. If you are new and don’t know website designing. Then you can easily configure website on this blogging platform. I have also an article about it how to create your own website? For more understanding, you can read this article.

  • In you can control your website from every angle.
  • You can extra feature like forums and e-commerce features.
  • Free and paid version of themes available online on the internet.
  • Free paid version of plugins also available. You can use Google AdSense plugins for placing ads. Most plugins are free.
  • WordPress is an SEO friendly blogging software.
  • You can create a backup at any time.
  • For your site security, you must install a free or paid plugin by own your behalf. WordPress is not offering security and CDN services free.
  • Most cache plugins are free. You can make speed better by installing Cache plugin.

WordPress is a free a best blogging platform. In which, you just purchase a domain from any registrar. In which you can purchase a domain from any registrar like 1&1 are offering 1st time in just $0.99. After that, it will renew in $12. And you can get hosting from $2.95 per year. However, you can see here the best hosting companies in the world. (Really best blogging platform?)

Best Blogging Platform

The is a free blogging software. And It is offering free hosting also. So if you want to purchase another option then you can purchase a custom domain or additional storage etc.

  • No setup requires.
  • Not difficult to use.
  • Limited options in the free version.
  • Cannot run an advertisement on the free version.
  • They can suspend the account at any time if you violate their policies. So you cannot do anything in this case.

The free version of this platform also available and ads will serve on the free version. If you want to upgrade your plan then the personal plan start from $2.99 per month. They will charge bill on yearly basis. If you want to remove WordPress logo then you can purchase your domain from any registrar. You can also read tutorial how to purchase the domain? You can get additional tools and storage in $8.25 per month. Keep in mind they will tell amount per month but deduct whole year amount.

Often people start their site from and after some month they wind up their website from Now they transfer website from to for getting some extra features and tools.

Blogger (A best free blogging platform- Is it true?)

Best Blogging Platform

Blogger is a free blogging platform which is providing free hosting. This is also like This service starts by Google in 2003. This is a quick and easy to set up.

  • Blogger is a free blogging platform.
  • It is easy to configure and no need of coding.
  • Secure and best blogging platform.
  • You don’t have access to add more features.
  • Designing options are not expanded. Free and paid templates are available.
  • Google can suspend your blog at any time if you violate the policy of Google.

If you want to know then you can read them which is the best among WordPress vs Blogger?

Tumblr (What about Tumblr – Know is it best blogging platform or not?)

Best Blogging Platform

Tumblr has a bit different from other platforms. It works like social bookmarking features.

  • Offering free services
  • Social media integration
  • Is offering a microblogging tool in which you can use videos, audio and gif images.
  • Tumblr is offering free services so there is no option if you want to expand your blog.
  • You can make changes in your current theme without investing money.
  • You can create backup your Tumblr blog and import also.

Tumblr is offering free services in which you can use a custom domain and 3rd party themes.

Medium (A free and the best blogging platform?)

Best Blogging Platform

Medium start serving from 2012. The medium has grown their community of Bloggers, Writers, and Journalists. This is easy to use with limited social networking features.

  • You can use Medium easily. For Medium usage no coding required.
  • You can access to the community.
  • In Medium you need to concentrate on writing. No need to concentrate on designing.
  • The medium has limited options.
  • No option of advertisement.

You can compete between WordPress and Medium which is the better blogging platform? Read here which is the best between Medium vs. WordPress?

Squarespace (Read about it – Is it best for blogging?)Best Blogging Platform

Squarespace is a blogging platform that allows the users to create any type of business website. You can create a website with drag and drop tools.

  • Squarespace is quick and easily understandable.
  • Professional templates for small business owners.
  • Squarespace also offering domain name with SSL/ HTTPs.
  • This is a limited version of the blogging platform.
  • You can create only 20 pages in person plan.
  • Pricing plan of the personal plan is $16 per month. If you pay the advance amount of whole year in advance then $12 per month will charge.

Don’t forget to read the difference between WordPress and Squarespace. If you want to move from the website from Squarespace to WordPress. You can minimize your expenses by moving your website from Squarespace to WordPress.

Wix (What about?)

Best Blogging Platform

Wix is a blogging platform which is offering drag and drop builder. This is easy to use and best for small business owners. You can add a blog by they addition of Wix Blog app.

  • Wix is offering free themes and 3rd party applications.
  • Quick and easy setup installation.
  • Wix is offering limited access to free version users and Wix ads also serving on these.
  • Selected template is not transformable.

Don’t forget to read our article the difference between Wix and WordPress.

The basic version of Wix is free. So if you want to add custom domain name then you can with $4.50 per month. Premium version starts from $8.50 per month to $24.50 per month.

Joomla (The best blogging platform for beginners)

Best Blogging Platform

Joomla is a free blogging platform. It;s an open source blogging software. It also works like Joomla is also a self-hosted option.

  • Joomla is a powerful blogging platform. You can build any type of website.
  • You can get themes from the market. Free and paid version available in the market.
  • The extension can be installed for more feature addition.
  • Joomla has a community but smaller than
  • Support is expensive and costly to find out.
  • Security, backup maintain own your behalf.

For more details don’t forget to read the difference between WordPress Versus Joomla Vs Drupal.

Joomla is offering free services you can purchase a domain and get a package of hosting from any well-known company.

Ghost (The best blogging platform for you? Read about it)Best Blogging Platform

Ghost is a blogging platform which is offering limited options. It’s also available in self-hosted and blogging software also.

  • Concentrate on writing.
  • Clean and easily understandable interface.
  • Ghost is super fast.
  • No need for setup installation in hosted version.
  • Not easy blogging platform.
  • Limited options.
  • Limited themes option.
  • Complex setup installation if you do by yourself.

Don’t forget to read a comparison between WordPress and Ghost. You can purchase the custom domain in $14.99 per year in self-hosted.

Weebly (The best option regarding best blogging platform?)

Best Blogging Platform

Weebly contains drag and drop tools to make your website. This is hosted blogging platform. You can change theme anytime.

  • Easily understandable.
  • Weebly has the option to check out before purchasing a plan.
  • Limited features. No option to add more features.
  • The site from Weebly to another blogging platform is much difficult

Don’t forget to read the comparison of WordPress and Weebly.

Weebly plan starts from $8 per month with limited features. For access to the unlimited version, you need to pay $49 per month. After that, you can use unlimited features.


We think WordPress is the best blogging platform. is powerful and SEO friendly. Easily understandable and affordable. Why are we suggesting WordPress read here why you should use

We hope this will help you to choose blogging platform for your blog or website. I have discovered an article about how to earn money? Don’t forget to read. Like us on Facebook.

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