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How To Create Google/ Gmail Account?

Here I am giving an answer of how to make a email account? If you are feeling the need of an email account then after reading this post you will be able to make an email account because here I am telling you with pictures. I will suggest you create new Gmail account because if you cannot use this for long period it will not block. But if you see Yahoo account then it will block after a period if you cannot use it. So create a new email account of Gmail. Let’s start to create an account of Gmail free. Often a new user of internet don’t have an idea to create an email account? But after reading this post you will be able to create email account without any hurdle. Here I will tell you with pictures. Google is a big search engine which is using around the world. Gmail is a free service of Google. After creation of google account, you can use this account for different purpose like you can save your data online also. Gmail is good service around the world, this is a safe and fast way to send email anywhere. In Gmail account, you cannot send any Winrar attachment. For attachment, sending use Yahoo account. The account creation method of Gmail is simple and easy. Just follow me and enjoy free email account of Google.

Create A New Gmail Account With Pictures

Let’s start to create a new Gmail account with pictures. I hope you will create in future without any tutorial.

  • Open your browser and place these words in your address bar “Gmail Sign Up”. Like as under picture. After it click on create your Google account – Sign in.


  • Now a form of information will open so place your exact information here. When you will place fake information then you won’t able to retrieve password in future, if you forget. After fill up hit nex step button.


  • Scroll down, when you scroll down automatically I agree button will highlight. When you see highlight just hit.


  • You have completed all formalities just click on continue.


  • After all, you will see like as under dashboard just follow as under:


If you are satisfied with Gmail account then good otherwise you can also set up new Bing account. I will suggest you sign up for Bing account also. Thanks for your kind visit don’t forget to subscribe Global Blurb Youtube Channel.

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