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Tutorial: How To Edit WordPress Footer? With Pictures

PHP header and footer is most essential part of any theme. So it’s very important to know how to edit WordPress footer.php? I am sharing here the method of edit footer PHP with pictures.

When you are running any website then you need to know where are header and footer because you need both for placing code. Like as if you want to track your website with Google analytics code then without putting the code of Google analytics code you cannot track a website. So here I will tell you two methods to access footer PHP for placing a code.

If you want to access header.php then click on mentioned link. Keep in mind don’t put the script in your header PHP because it will slow down your website and when your website will slow then SEO discourage this. So try to put the script in footer.php. I have told a method in which just create a file and place script now you can call this by placing a code in your header.

This is a good technique you can read here How to put Google Analytics Code? Don’t use any header and footer plugin for code placing because it will slow down your website. Prefer to put manually if you want to rank your website. You can access your and footer.php from your dashboard of WordPress. I will tell you both method by WordPress and CPanel. Let’s follow the below steps to access footer.php.

1st Method To Access Footer PHP WordPress

Now read the 1st method to access footer.php WordPress.

  • Just log in your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance » Editor.

Theme editor

  • From your left side, the list of files just searches by pressing Ctrl + F. Footer.php file. It will highlight just click on and open this file.

2nd Method Where Is Footer PHP In WordPress?

  • Just login CPanel.
  • Open File Manager.

File Manager CPanel

  • Now open the WP-content folder.

WP Content Folder Through CPanel

  • Now open theme folder.

Themes CPanel

  • Open active theme, folder.
  • Now just scroll down and see find out footer.php.

I hope you understand to access foother.php. You can also leave a comment if you face any difficulty. Don’t forget to read How To Start Your Own Website Free?

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