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How To Eliminate Terrorism Immediately?

How To Eliminate Terrorism Immediately?

We listen daily about terrorist attacks at different places. These attacks are not good because of many innocent people and child also a victim of these attacks. Every kind person wants to eliminate terrorism. If we see google search report then Google also show results about “eliminate terrorism in Pakistan”. It’s mean these searches made from Pakistan and the Pakistani people also want to stop terrorism. If we want to eliminate international terrorism or from any country then we need to follow some steps.

Ways To Eliminate Terrorism

  1. Try to understand what terrorist want.
  2. Tell about any suspicious activity to relevant department immediately
  3. Make mind if you face an emergency then what you should do
  4. Don’t accept an invitation from strangers.
  5. Know about firefighting and first aid.
  6. Immediately report to Army for any illegal activity
  7. Try to eliminate poverty
  8. If you are on a good seat and you can give job then give him
  9. Rid off corruption

I give suggestions to eliminate terrorism if we follow some simple steps to eliminate terrorism then I hope we can eliminate. The answer of How To Eliminate Poverty And Terrorist attacks? The government should have taken steps to eliminate the poverty with the provision of education. Everyone has access towards education because education is the only step to remove the poverty. An educated person can solve these problems easily instead of illiterate. Educated person understood the rules and regulation and act upon in true letter and spirit. Do you know Why Terrorism Cover Whole The World?

More About To Eliminate Terrorism

The government should provide employment to an unemployed member of the society. So that the member of society can make them a useful member for the establishment of a strong economy. Lawmaker kept a point in his mind while making any law that implementation of the said law should equal for everyone instead of some people. In most cases, a poor member of the society cannot access towards the justice.

Remove school difference like private school and government school because when education start sells then the status of education is also decrease. If anyone studies to other then it’s his obligation to the person tries to perform this obligation with honesty.

Every person is freed and he is his right to remove the aggression system. And aggression system removes when every Justice will do equity and every taker of equity understand his obligation. Remove monopoly and give the right of every person.

I hope if we take one step then all crisis of world will remove and we will live happy with our family. Every person is the brother of other and every woman is sister or mother of other so keep in mind. Remove rape chain. It’s so disgusting to rape with girls that girls who are innocent who is our sister who is our daughter. Thanks for your kind visit. If you feel this is wrong then please tell us truly, we will publish your article without any cost. Just email us on Don’t forget to read Woman Of United Kingdom Connected With Extremist Org. Follow us on Twitter.

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