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Payments Are Currently On Hold By Google AdSense?

Payments Are Currently On Hold By Google AdSense

We know Google AdSense is a better way of income. If we compete AdSense alternative with Google AdSense then you will get Google AdSense in good rank. Google AdSense gives notification then you make a wrong activity with your site. This is the matter of money and money matter is always sensitive. So don’t tease Google AdSense otherwise he will tease you. Here I am sharing a tip. And I hope it gives you rid from your payments are currently on hold.

If you have Google AdSense account which is verified or approved. When you remove your website from Google Webmaster tool. Then you get from Google AdSense ” Your Payments Are Currently On Hold. An action is required to release payment. In this situation, you will confuse so release your tension and follow some easy steps.

You will find the error on your Google AdSense interface and the solution of this issue I am sharing here. I hope it will work for you. Now how to fix the error of Google AdSense your payments are currently on hold. Simple check first did you hold your payment from yourself. If yes then release your payment. You can access by simple steps like as.

Payments Are Currently On Hold By AdSense Fix

Now just see Payment Are Currently On Hold by AdSense fix method with the help of screenshots.

  • Login Google AdSense account
  • Click on Setting » Payments » Payment Setting. An image also is showing as under:

Release Payments

  • If you hold payment then make your setting like as under picture

Remove Amount

  • If you did not hold your payment then next tip is here. Just edit existing ad unit or create a unit. Also shown in below pictures

Create New Ad Unit

I hope you get rid of this issue but if you still face then comment us or contact us. Keep in mind do this after two days of this notification. Maybe it will not work immediately. Often Google AdSense hold your payment when you do an illegal activity with your account. Like clicking on ads from one IP address. This is illegal and Google AdSense

Like clicking on ads from one IP address. This is illegal and Google AdSense penalize you in this case. He will hold your payment and give you a notification. But he will tell you the reason of this issue. 2nd option is that you hold your payment from yourself. So, in this case, release your payments by following above method. But if you fail to release this issue just contact us we will glad to help you anytime. However, you have also another option and that is Google AdSense alternatives.

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