How To Get Backlink From Google Plus

Get Backlink From Google Plus

Some months ago, I read that Google gives 10 points of backlink and 90 points to the content. After it, I thought why am I not increasing PR9 backlinks for my website? So I start a struggle and get backlink from Google Plus first. After it, I created a Facebook Page and also got a quality backlink. Now I am sharing this technique to you also. So you can also get a quality backlink from Google Plus.

Get Backlink Google Plus

Now just see the method to get backlink from Google Plus? Google Plus is a PR9 social bookmarking site which allows to sharing ideas without any hurdle. If you have an idea which tells about your personality. Then create a Google Plus profile and share a link or a text post. Now I will not complicate this article, so let’s see how to get backlink from Google Plus?

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Oh! It’s So Easy To Get Backlink From Google Plus

For getting a quality backlink from Google Plus, you need to sign in Google Plus profile.

Note: I am telling to get quality backlink from Google Plus via profile. By the way, if you have a page then the same method will work for you.

After sign in your Gmail account via Chrome Browser. Just see on the left side and click like showing below:

Google Plus Profile

When you will click on Google+ Profile. Then a page will open, here you will get About tab, just click on it.

About Tab

Now a new page will open where some information is showing. So here we will place our site’s information with a link. My profile information is showing as under:

Profile Information

Would you like to fill for your site? If yes then click on the pen which is showing in every section.

If you want to add the extra section in the form then click on the sign.

Insert information of your site

After click on the + button, you will get a form where you can select as you wish. But I will suggest choosing a Story tab. After it, insert your site’s links and a short story regarding your website.

Write a story

Lastly, hit ok and your story will publish with a dofollow backlink. You have finished to get backlink from Google Plus. If you want to show it publically then change privacy setting like showing below:

Change Privacy setting

Choose to public

Now it will show publically. You can set for every section.

Backlink is also important but not more than quality content. Lastly, you have learned the method to get backlink from Google Plus. If you face difficulty then submit your nice comment in the comment section.

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