How To Get Heavy Traffic On A New Site In Free?

White Hat SEO Tip (Get Heavy Traffic On A New Site In Free)

Get Heavy Traffic: Internal linking is a part of SEO. SEO needs some factors if you will fulfill these then you can rank any article or site. When you will focus on legal work then obviously any target can achieve easily.

So when you want to do SEO then focus on White Hat SEO because it is a long period strategy. It will take a long time to 3 months maximum to get heavy traffic but 100% it will work. Every search engine has some policies when you will follow these policies search engine will not kick you otherwise you know better. We know search engine can ban you when you will break any policy. White Hat SEO contains legal policies which are announced by search engines. Which type of strategies exists in White Hat SEO? If you follow these steps you can rank your site in months.

Get Heavy Traffic White Hat SEO Tip

  1. Internal Linking to get heavy traffic
  2. External Linking to get heavy traffic
  3. Site Submissionto get heavy traffic
  4. Article Submission to get heavy traffic
  5. DoFollow Linking to get heavy traffic

These are five rules in which any article or site can rank easily in months. The first step is Internal Linking and after that, every heading contains a link you can access by a simple click.

 1| Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is a part of on-page SEO. It also called White Hat SEO. When you will make the link between your posts then it will like a spider. When your one article will rank it will also effect on linked article. So don’t forget to internal linking. Like as if you want to boost an article which written about “White Hat SEO” then you have to link this keyword with an article which contains data about this keyword. If you will link this keyword with an article which written about “beauty tips”.

Then you are doing wrong so don’t do this. Secondly, link an article which relates with the keyword. Always use a long tail keyword. Because you know search engine contain a million article about SEO but maybe he contains only 1 article when you will use this keyword “White Hat SEO Tips Which Will Give You Traffic In Millions In A Month”. If another site also has written an article about this then also its very easy to rank. Sometimes some person links heading with the article but keeps in mind this is illegal activity. This will count in Black Hat SEO. So don’t link heading with another article. Link paragraph’s words.

 2| External Linking

External linking mean leave your site link on other sites. Like as if you have any PR9 site then leave your link on this site. You can get a PR9 link from the Facebook page in free.

 3| Site Submission

400 Plus Free New Article Submission Sites List With High Page Rank
400 Plus Free New Article Submission Sites List With High Page Rank

Submit your site to search engines by going on different sites. You can also submit your site by going to a search engine.

 4| Article Submission

Article Submission

Submit your site on DoFollow article submission sites. You can see PR9 DoFollow directories also here. If you have created already then you can submit your article.

 5| DoFollow Linking


After 6 months increase your DoFollow linking. But don’t create these links by software. When you will consume money on any software then When will you earn? Increase your DoFollow link by article submission on DoFollow sites. DoFollow article submission sites will give you a quality backlink. Search engine count quality backlink not backlink.

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